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Friday, July 05, 2013

Five on Friday

- ONE -
VBS round one was last week. It's always so fun but an exhausting week (but not as exhausting as round two!) By Thursday, when we picked up our kids from their classes and brought them back to the class we were working in we could tell they were tired because they were very quiet and not their normal level of chaos they usually bring back to the room. I think their teachers were more exhausted than we were because we were watching the babies of the VBS teachers and didn't have a full class of 8-10+ two, three, four, five or six year olds.
Micah in his praise and worship group
 We made some in my opinion adorable crafts! Luckily Lexie was in this class so she brought them home!

- TWO -
I have to share this video of Alexis dancing at my Aunt's wedding last weekend. Seriously I (and she!) can't get enough of it. Am I biased? I'm sure but seriously there isn't much cuter than a baby dancing.

Our 'work-ahead' Flat Stanley (and Uncle Jeremy) made it to the Golden Gate Bridge. Thanks Uncle Jeremy! We also now have custody of Uncle Jeremy's dog until he gets back. I went and met the friend that was taking care of Zeus on Wednesday morning and brought the dog back here. It's now a crazy house with a hyper dog compared to our lazy mastiff but the kids are loving having him here.

- FOUR -
I'm in a serious cooking rut. I need things quick and easy to put together because we tend to head to the pool 2-3 afternoons a week and I need something fast to get in the kids belly after swimming. However we aren't big crockpot fans (besides daddy.) Do you have any favorite summer go-to meals?  Some days I'm tempted to have our 'big' meal in the afternoons but after swimming they are starving eat more and better than at dinner time so I want to save dinner until after swimming.

- FIVE -
We had a fun filled Fourth of July. We started out the day at the gym (I cycled - by myself since no one else from our group was there on the holiday and then went to kickboxing for 30 minutes until my 2 hours of child watch time was up) We cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch and a treat of snowcones for a snack. Then I braved taking the kids out to watch fireworks last night. I picWeked the earliest, closest fireworks show - which was at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. So we headed to the parking lot of the mall next to Six Flags - like 1/4 of San Antonio. We drove into the parking lot to park and as I turned down the first row I saw with some open spots I happened to see one of my friends I work with at Church and an open spot right next to her!

We pulled in and the kids ate their popcorn snack and by ate I mean gobbled it up like little piggies who hadn't be fed dinner two hours before that. We had a fun time while waiting for the fireworks to start and all the kids seemed to actually enjoy them without being too scared of them this year. No crying just a little bit of I'm tired from Micah at the very end.

Then we loaded back up in the car for the 30 minute wait to get out of the parking lot. It was nuts! However the kids enjoyed it and making memories is worth the 30 minute parking lot wait time. 

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