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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alexis: 18 months

My sweet littlest is now 18 months... officially into toddlerhood and no longer so much like a baby. The baby stage just goes by so quickly! With two older siblings to follow after, Alexis, you are quick to catch onto things and are quickly leaving everything baby behind.
You've finally started talking more. For a while you only said a few words and let your siblings do the rest of the talking for you. It's easy to get by as the baby with pointing and letting them get you what you want. So far you say: 
uh oh
all done (and sign it too when you want) 
Bubba (for Micah) 
do (dog) 
mo (more - along with the sign for more) 
bye (when you want to - you usually just wave) 

Gigi says she's also heard you say alligator and jump but I haven't heard those yet.

You can also identify quite a few parts of your body: head, mouth, eyes, mouth, toes, belly, hair and your favorite the belly button. 
You are the sweetest little helper when you want to be. If we come home from HEB you aren't happy until you get a bag to carry in as well. You throw fits if you can't help put laundry away - like while I'm still folding it you are trying to put it away) You are a stickler for the shoe closet and will gather up any and all shoes that didn't quite make it there.  You'll want to help in the kitchen as well and will scoot a chair over next to me insistent on helping.  

You are a little monkey and can climb on just about anything. For a while your favorite place to be was on the top of the kitchen table. At first you couldn't get onto the chairs by yourself so you'd bring over a chair from the kid table to climb onto the regular chairs and then onto the table. Thankfully this isn't as common now - especially since you no longer need the little chairs to get onto the big chair. 
You love to copy what others are doing - so when mommy tries to be silly to get you to sit for 10 seconds for a picture, you think it's funny and needed to do it yourself as well. 

You've started to really play with toys, pretending to fly airplanes (complete with airplane noises) making Shamu swim and splash, wrestling gators like your older siblings. It's sweet to see you playing and you'll do so as long as you don't see me watching. 

You love to go to Bible class and since we've been up there since you were 2 weeks old, you love all your teachers and rarely fuss going into class. You will even start singing a few of the Bible class songs. 

You also love to swim most days, especially now that you have your own puddle jumper. In the past few weeks you've started 'jumping' to me which is more like stepping/falling off but it's still cute! You love when you get to go down the slides at Sea World in the baby area or the big slide that you can go down with mommy or daddy. Some days though you'd rather run around the edges which mommy doesn't like because I have to chase you! 

You can be so silly sometimes - making the funniest faces and blowing raspberries, especially at sister. 
You've grown so much in the past 6 months! You look much more like a toddler now and have such long skinny legs now! (Not that they were ever very chubby - my petite little darling girl) Currently you are about 20 lbs. I need to measure to see how tall you are. You are wearing size 3 diapers and anywhere from 6-9, 6-12 or 12-18 month clothes. 
We love you, my sweet darling girl! 

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Unknown said...

She looks just like Micah in the photo with Shamu on her head! Awesome. Can't believe how big she's getting.

Traci said...

She's getting so big!

Tye said...

She is just to cute for words…oh how I miss those days when my Niyah was that little. I love when they are babies! Enjoy those moments because they grow up so fast. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! :)