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Monday, July 08, 2013

A wedding and a baby goat

The Saturday night before last we headed to my Aunt's wedding. It was a simple but beautiful ceremony hosted at another Aunt's house. We visited with family and enjoyed watching the ceremony. After the ceremony though, the littles couldn't wait to go see Coco - the goat that my aunt, uncle and cousins are bottle feeding after she lost her mom . So pretty wedding clothes and goats... don't they just go together perfectly? HA! Only in the South.
 My Aunt and Uncle's property was absolutely beautiful! With the best golden hour light that night. Micah and Abby loved playing with Coco. Micah couldn't quite hold her while standing up so he sat down and let her sit in his lap.

 Then of course babies need to eat so they all were able to take a turn feeding Coco. I have to admit even I think she's kinda cute! Though she did try to nibble on my dress before they brought her bottle out.

Then the kids discovered the blueberry bush. Eating blueberries straight off the tree. Even Lexie, who usually prefers other fruit to blueberries was gobbling them up. They were so abundant, the kids were able to pick bags to bring home. They ate through one bag in a single snack time and would have eaten more.

All the 'kids' playing! Literally. Well not all I suppose - there were other baby goats (including triplets!) in the pen with their mamas.
 Then there were horses to look at next door. They were too far away to get a great look at them but that didn't stop the girls from trying to see them.
 Lexie was introduced to her newest second cousin.
And my kids photobombed some photos! They wanted to stick close to their second cousins, the grandchildren of the bride so they thought they should be included in a few photos. (They stayed out of the 'real' ones)

My mom said that after the Bride and Groom, my kids might have enjoyed the wedding the most and I think she might be right! Seriously they were able to run and play in the yard, they held and fed a baby goat, Pops allowed them a special treat of some Dr. Pepper and the night ended with delicious wedding cake! Does life get better as a kid? 

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Colleen Pence said...

Katie, these have got to be the cutest photos EVER.

Traci said...

Oh how fun! I don't think of myself as a goat person but there are a bunch in the field behind my house & at certain times of the year we can see them grazing & I like to watch. That little guy is just too cute!!