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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Tea at American Girl

Last week we visited Houston to visit with my parents and some cousins and second cousins that were in town. One of the things high on my list of things I wanted to do over the summer was to go to tea at American Girl with my two girlies and my mom. My cousin and her daughter also wanted to visit the American Girl store while they were in town so we all had tea together. It was fun seeing the girls play with their dolls together a little as they got reacquainted. 
Lexie wasn't so sure about the doll high chair for her baby and instead wanted baby to sit with her. However she kept trying to figure out how baby and baby's high chair could sit in her high chair with her. It just wouldn't all fit. Then, of course, she was too busy to sit still for long and was out of her chair and into my lap before our food arrived.
The girls had fun with a little book of activities while we were waiting. There was a sticker page, paper dolls and other activities in the little packet.
Then girls enjoyed sharing their tea (or in this case rootbeer and strawberry lemonade - it was hot outside!) with their dolls in the dolls tiny cups. Drinking it so that they could pretend their dolls were drinking.
Our yummy spread - fruit with dip, three types of sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes and chocolate mousse.
Then a photo with Saige in the hot air balloon. Lexie wasn't so sure.
Abby choose to get McKenna's ears pierced and a book to read. She was a happy girl!
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1 comment :

Lisa said...

I need a little girl just so I can go do this without it being creepy. Lol. Growing up I subscribed to America Girl magazine and loved all the content but also loved that they would send me the American Girl catalog too!