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Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

We are crossing off things right and left on our summer bucket list and it's only just now the first 'official' week of summer! Abby's only been out of school for a little over two weeks! One of the things on our list was to (finally!) visit the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. After living here in San Antonio for almost 6 years, it was about time we headed up there! The littles are always asking why the zoo doesn't have a giraffe any more so I knew they'd love seeing the giraffes and especially the new twin baby giraffes.

I'll warn you know this post is extremely picture heavy but it was so hard to narrow down the pictures I wanted to share! 

We headed in and once on the path through the Wildlife ranch we were almost immediately surrounded by animals. The kids were in awe! The first animals we saw were mostly deer along with a few longhorns. 

As we drove further into the park we started seeing more various more exotic animals. Even some babies who were still learning where the food came from because they tended to linger longer in front of the car and we had to wait for them to move out of the way before we could continue. 

Some animals were braver than others and started coming right up to the drive side window to get food.
This one headed for the kids window and they loved that!

We came across this mama and impatient baby along the drive. Babe kept head butting mama to get the milk flowing faster!

 Then we came to what Beau had been looking forward to the most - the zebras. They weren't shy at all either, coming right up for food.
 This guy (girl?) had an itch and used the window to scratch the side of his head.
The emus weren't shy either. This guy stuck his head all the way in to try and stick his head into the bag of feed.
The ostrich and emus were a little scary! Especially when they are sticking their beaks in to try and get the food instead of nicely eating it off the ground.  The littles asked to have their windows rolled up when we were near them.
 Then we took a stop in the petting zoo. Alexis wasn't sure what to make of this, and truth be told it probably wasn't my brightest idea! Abby and Micah loved it, especially seeing the baby goat. However it wasn't the nicest smelling of places.
 Also goats like to nibble.... especially this guy. He tried to nibble on my shorts as well as on Alexis's bubble.
 We made our way over to the giraffes and were able to watch them for a little while.

 This is the male baby, named Nakatowho is in a separate pen from his mom and being bottle fed because mama has shown some aggregation towards him stealing milk from his sister.
 Then this is the first born female baby, named Wasswa.
Twin giraffes are extremely rare and this is only the 9th known living pair in the world. It was incredibly neat to be able to see these babies! (Babies that at birth, the smaller female already weighed more than all three of my littles put together!)
Have you checked anything fun off your summer list yet? 

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Colleen Pence said...

We adore the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch! We saw one of the twins on a recent trip (just one week after they were born). So cute! Love your photos. Glad you included them all. :)

Alvina Castro said...

Love natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch! Ive been a couple times but only when I was in highschool. We need to take my kiddo so he can check it out. Thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

What an awesome place! Totally cool.

I'd be a little freaked out by Emus too. They're intimidating. And having one stick it's head in my window? No thank you.

I can't believe how big Lexie is getting. How awesome!

Traci said...

A bunch of years ago we went to San Antonio on vacation & went to this place. You're right, some of those animals are not shy! Those emus freak me out!

SensiblySara said...

I LOVE the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch! I haven't taken my kids since C was a baby ... I think it's time to go back! (I can't wait to see those baby giraffes!)

It looks like you all had an awesome time!