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Friday, June 07, 2013

Our 2013 summer bucket list

Summer is here - 'officially' today as yesterday was my 6 year old's last day of school. That means it's all three littles at home all day now. At least this means that the 3-4pm grumpy hour as Abby and Micah re-learn how to get along every day won't be quite as dramatic... hopefully.
June is already pretty booked up for us but the days we are free I plan to use this schedule so the kids have one thing to look forward to/know we are going to do that day. This are in addition to the near daily or twice daily gym time that we'll have for workout classes to save mama's sanity and some pool/spray park time.

Monday - we'll pick a craft off pinterest, from Hobby Lobby or our own imagination to make something 
Tuesday - we'll bake something, try a new recipe for dinner, make popsicles/ice cream but all something they will be excited to help with 
Wednesday - "Water Wednesday" we'll hit the pool (not limited to only Wednesdays but this is a day we will for sure go swimming - I'm a pool rat so I'm sure we'll likely swim more than one day a week!) 
Thursday - we'll go out for or have a tasty treat - snowcones, frozen yogurt, cupcakes, s'mores, sonic trip 
Friday - Sea World, museum, park day (also not limited to this day but this is a day we'll be sure to get out of the house) 

We started out the first tasty treat Thursday with a last day of school celebration cupcakes at Bird Bakery. Yum! Lexie even had her own itty bitty sized cupcake (after her laying on the floor fit over mommy 'taking it away' to take the wrapper off)
Then with the kids help calling out things they wanted to do this summer we came up with a summer bucket list of things we want to be sure and do before summer is over. Some of the things we've done already actually but that doesn't mean it won't get done again. It's going to be a hot summer (as always) - Abby was complaining of the heat today and saying she didn't want to go play outside for the first time in a long while so we are finding lots of ways to beat the heat and having lots of water play! 

{Happy Summer printable used to make the bucket list from here}

I also set up a pinterest board for our bucket list and to plan some of our crafty Mondays and things to bake on Tuesdays. I'd love for you to follow me on Pinterest! 

What are ya'lls summer plans? Do you have anything else I should add to our list? 

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Traci said...

I think it's so awesome how you have so many fun things planned out for your kids. Also, that you take full advantage of daycare at the gym. It's great that everyone gets some alone time! Have a great weekend. Geaux Tigers!

Taylor Bradford said...

How fun to have a summer bucket list!!!