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Monday, June 17, 2013

national donut day

Our first official day of summer once Abby was out of school also happened to be national donut day. We don't have donuts all the time but once or twice a month on Sundays we'll indulge in a sweet treat. (Trust me my kids eat plenty of fruits and veggies - my littler two are barely on the bottom of the growth chart with their healthy food preferences, snacker eating habits and high metabolisms!) 
Daddy will usually pick them up from the donut shop around the corner and bring them home for us so it's not often the kids get to have their pick of different types or have ever seen how a donut is made. So since we didn't have anything planned that morning we headed off to start summer off with a sugar rush! 

I think everyone in town had the same idea - then again who wouldn't want a free donut? It didn't take long to get to the front of the line and select our donuts. Plus the kids were totally loved watching the donuts being made. 
Abby picked a key lime with cheesecake filling (I'll admit I was eyeing that one too!) 
Micah a key lime cake donut.
Lexie and I stuck with the classic glazed. You can't go wrong with a simple glazed donut!
Then once we finished with our donuts, we lingered longer and watch them continue to make many, many, many more donuts. Trying to savor the summer, linger a little longer and not just rush from place to place.

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1 comment :

Traci said...

What a fun outing & little treat! I do love a glazed donut. Haven't had any in awhile though.