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Monday, June 03, 2013

Atlas Ride

This weekend was the start of a summer long adventure for 69 UT students. They'll head off, splitting into three different routes, riding their bikes all the way from Austin to Alaska - a distance of over 4,500 miles.  It's the longest charity bike ride in the world and my brother is a part of it. Maybe it's a little crazy (I mean it's hard to wrap my head around spending the better part of 70 days on a bike) but also awesome, ambitious and it's gotta be a life changing experience for all of them. All to raise money to fight cancer.

The littles and I drove up to Austin to meet up with my parents and brother for the Atlas ride (a 25/50 or 70 mile ride to send off the riders) Of course heading into Austin on a Friday afternoon is never a great idea and we sat through a lot of traffic but we made it, had dinner, went for a swim in the pool and then settled into bed. The settled in bed part only lasted about 20 minutes though because Uncle Jeremy came by to say hi to the kids (well the two that were still awake - can you spot the sleeping baby?)
Then next morning while all three littles slept in (seriously first day in two weeks that Alexis wasn't up at 6:30 am and I was up and out the door long before she woke up!) Pops and I headed off to see the big send off for the 50/70 mile riders. 

All the 2013 Texas 4000 team lined up and ready to head off. 
Jeremy and a few of the other rides just did a quick spin back into the parking lot and they headed up to the start of the 25 mile ride to ride with us. (He assured us that there would be plenty more miles to ride over the course of the next 70 days so taking the first turn as the driver of the van and trailer was okay) The rest took off the other way to ride the 50/70 mile route options.

We drove up, got some breakfast and got ready to ride the 25 mile ride. 
Jer showed up with his new home for the summer - van and trailer. Technically each route has two vans and a trailer.

The first half of the ride was tough for me - uphill and against the wind. The bike didn't want to play nice either and would switch gears on me so it felt like I had the gear on 23 of 24 on my cycle bike at the gym while going uphills. Thankfully the way back was much easier with more downhills and the wind was helping us this time. I finished though so I'm happy about that.

After the ride, there was a big bbq lunch and also some wine tastings since it was held at a winery. It was a gorgeous location. Abby and Micah were excited to hang all over Uncle Jeremy and to see the many dogs that people had out there with them. Lexie was ready for some mama time after a long morning.
After hanging out for a while, we said our goodbyes to Jeremy and headed back home.

Now we'll be following along the riders blogs and twitter as they head off on their big adventure and keeping them in our prayers for their safety as they ride on the roads and in the heat this summer. 

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1 comment :

Traci said...

Congrats on your ride!! That's awesome! So amazing what your brother's doing.