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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

sunday afternoon scenes

Mother's day afternoon we kept it low key around here. Beau had to work so since it was Mother's day I gave myself grace and we kept it casual with a movie for quiet time before a late lunch with Beau before he headed off to work. 

Lexie even joined in on the movie time for a little bit. (Tell me that ruffly bottom isn't one of the cutest things ever!)
She was mostly happy about having swiped Micah's leappad. She was content with pretending to play with it as long as it was making a little noise. I see either passing down sister's or one of her own come Christmas time. 
Then after naptime we head outside. I was finally able to convince Micah to pedal forward on his big boy bike - the brakes when you pedal backwards kept tripping him up since the trike doesn't do that. He was and still is so proud of himself for riding his big boy bike (he kept wanting everyone to look at him riding it this morning at the park!) 
I pulled out the water table for this little bit. Summer #4 with the water table and it's still a hit. She of course got all wet and we stripped down to her diaper because wet clothes were chilly in the shade and hint of wind. Just keeping it classy around here. She was giving me high tens and then clapping for herself. She's so stinking cute lately. I need to do an update on her with all her cuteness as of late. 
Then we headed in for an easy dinner, bath, books and bed. A simple but sweet Mother's day. 

1 comment :

Traci said...

It sounds like a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day!