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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Micah's dino party!

Micah has been oh so excited for his party for the past three weeks. Sunday morning on his birthday, he and Abby woke up about 7, Abby is telling him "Happy Birthday Micah, you're 4 now" then they quickly put on their swimsuits. Ummm... it was about 55 degrees outside... in May... in South Texas. 

Micah only had about 3 requests for his birthday - the water slide, party hats and a dino piñata. I'm happy to say that we were able to give him all 3. I'm not so sure what the deal was with party hats or where they got the idea as I don't remember taking them to a party with party hats before but he sure wanted one! 
I tried to keep things simple - we had cupcakes - because a party isn't a party without cake! 
Dino cookies - because I have a love for iced sugar cookies even though it's like a 3 hour task to bake and decorate them.
Dino goodie bags - with some dinosaur tattoos, dinosaur crayons and more to come.... 
The dinosaur piñata. I think he's kinda cute. 
The simple set up....

I blew up and filled up the pool of the water slide 4 hours before the party and it warmed up the water.... until I turned on the water to the slide and made it cold again. 
So while they had fun, we did manage to turn all Micah's friends into popsicles. He's got some sweet friends who were glad to huddle around him and help him warm up after I convinced him to get out. 
thanks for the great picture Wendy!
Happy Birthday Micah! 
Once we froze everyone and had some cake, we sent them out on a dino egg hunt. 
And then it was pinata time!
Micah had a great time at his party and we are so happy his friends were able to come over and celebrate with us. We've promised to have to have them all back when our normal Texas weather returns and we won't freeze them on the water slide.


Traci said...

We've had the same weather. It's ridiculous!! Just when the water in the pool was almost warm enough to swim, we get to 40's. CRAZY! It looks like all the kids had a blast.

Angela said...

Hi - Sorry this is a bit random, but do you remember where you got that pinata? I can't find it online but I am here in DFW so I am hoping to find a store that carries it.