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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Love to Swim and Tumble School

Summer is here and it's getting hot outside. That means unless we are swimming at the pool or enjoying the splash park, we probably won't be spending as much time outside as the kids are used to. I'm planning our summer activities and know we are going to need to find some active things to do to burn off that excess energy. 

Micah has been watching Abby head off to gymnastics all school year long. The loving big sister that she is has come home and worked on teaching Micah some of things that she has learned and has gotten him all excited for the day that he can join in on the 'big kid' gymnastics. Until then I think I've found a happy medium - something he can burn off some energy doing and he'll get to do some gymnastics like sister until he is old enough for the gym that Abby attends. 

Find out more about the Love to Swim and Tumble School and a discount on your first month here

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