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Monday, May 06, 2013

last week(s) in recap

We've had several busy weeks.... busy weeks that mean mama is exhausted and too tired to blog after the littles are in bed. So here's a quick recap - mostly for my own memory since that's what this blog is. 

Last week we went to the zoo with friends. As we waited for our friends at the front, Micah mapped out our visit. Lexie was content to be a passanger  - as long as she had a snack to munch on. When the snacks ran out, she was ready to run. Once we had seen the animals we wanted to see, we found a picnic spot to let the littles take a stroller break before getting in the car for the ride home. Lexie was very proud of her self for both stealing Micah's drink and sitting at the picnic table like a big girl. 

Two days later, we were back at the zoo so that Abby and Beau could join us. We wanted to get one more visit out of our pass before it expired. We'll renew it eventually but I'm debating waiting to renew it until fall when it's slightly cooler (well cooler if you don't count this really odd cool front we are having now)

Lexie does enjoy eating black beans... and chocolate cupcakes. Can you tell? Some days (well a lot of days it feels like when I'm constantly worried if she's eating enough to gain weight) she isn't interested in eating and more interested in being busy. This day - she wanted to eat and made quite a mess too.

She also looks adorable in pigtails. These were the perfect bows for pigtails or a side sweep in the front - just the right size and a nice full pretty bow.... until she yanked one out of her hair while we were in the car and took one of the bows of the double bow apart. These came off her new bow squeaky shoes - I emailed the company and should have new bows headed my way since this one came apart so quickly.

Little polo tennis dresses are darling! This surprisingly isn't too big on her for being two sizes bigger than she wears right now. It must run small... and so therefore I couldn't resist letting her wear it.  Then crazy Texas weather came along and we had to pull out our winter clothes, jackets and hats. It was freezing... okay so it was 'spring' for anyone up north but it was like another taste of winter down here. Bad timing for a cold front with Micah's party in which he requested the water slide make an appearance. Jackets and waterslides all in the same week.... yup that's crazy Texas weather for ya.
The past few years it's been warm - almost hot by this point. The pools opened this weekend but the water is going to be awfully cold for swimming! I'm debating trying to switch Micah to a later swim lesson session - I have him currently signed up for the second session right before Abby is out of school so I can enjoy watching his lessons (while Lexie plays in childwatch) but if it doesn't warm up soon it's going to freeze his little no-body-fat self! 
Sunday was Micah's birthday and party - my little Cinco de Mayo baby. Once day maybe we'll have to incorporate that into his party and serve Margaritas and Mexican food but this year it was all about dinosaurs (more on that tomorrow) To start his birthday however - we had birthday donuts. Which means we stick a candle in our usual Sunday donut and get to pick out a pink sprinkle one. 
What have ya'll been up to lately? 

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