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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Happy Wednesday ya'll! It's begining to feel closer to summer after this abnormally cool spring we've had lately. Normally it's hot by now and we've been swimming for the past month, this year - I haven't even thought about going to the pool yet. I, however, made the mistake of letting my kids know the pool at the Y is open.... and now Abby and Micah changed into suits first thing after she got home from school wanting to go swim. I wonder how long they'll last in the water? 

Now a little of what we've been up to lately on instagram 
  • Abby and Micah started with 'normal' animal sounds like woof and moo. This girl: roar for the dino and the alligator. 
  • She looks like such a big girl playing sweetly with her baby doll. I love seeing and playing baby doll with my girls. 

  • Being FOUR means that Micah can now climb the rock wall at the gym. He was so excited to give it a try the other day. I'm pretty sure they could just easily hoist him up there, he's so light! 
  • We met friends to play at the park and ride bikes on the trail. It was perfect timing because Micah had just days before figured out how to ride his big boy bike. He was so excited to show his friends how he could ride. 

  • This girl is worn out from all the playdates we've had lately. It's been so nice to see our friends and play with them often. She's also exhausted from her late night parties - molars are no fun. The past two nights she's been up until 10:30 not wanting to sleep (partly due to late naps but also due to molars) Even a little motrin didn't help get her to sleep earlier last night, at least it kept her from waking up every hour like she had the night before. 
What have you been up to lately? 

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1 comment :

Traci said...

We're usually swimming by now too. Just when the water was just about warm enough we had a ton of rain & some unseasonably cool nights.