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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cycle time

Last month the kids and I loaded up and drove up to Austin to meet up with my parents and brother. The next morning, my dad and I met up with my brother in Georgetown for the Red Poppy Ride. My brother  is a Texas 4000 rider and will bike from Austin to Alaska this summer to fight cancer. My dad has been riding with a cycle group to prepare to ride the Atlas ride this summer. With the little ones, I don't cycle outside but I do enjoy my spin classes. (In the that kicked my butt but I got a good workout kind of way - plus the girls I ride with are awesome!) My dad and brother rode 66 miles in Georgetown.... as for me... I just rode 14. Lexie was getting her molars and a front tooth all at the same time and had a very restless night so I only got like 4 broken up hours of sleep and was worried about how she was that morning. So instead of the longer 27 mile ride, I chose the short ride to get back to the littles since my mom was watching all three that morning while we rode. It felt good though once I got over the fear of falling off my bike from being in such a big pack of riders. 

Now that I have one 'ride' under my belt - I'm back on the cycle bikes preparing to ride 25 miles this weekend in a send off to my brother and his Texas 4000 team.  It may not be quite the same as outdoor cycling but it's the best I can do right now since I don't think Abby, Micah and Lexie are quite up for riding hours on their bikes yet. Eventually I'm hopeful we can do some family rides together but for now I'll enjoy my hour - hour and 1/2 workouts lead by our former Olympic trial cyclist leader and hope not to fall off a 'real' bike when I ride on the rode this weekend and have to remember to balance, make turns, and pay attention to the rode and not the chit-chat in between sets of work. Obviously our workouts are decently effective because I felt good after both the 17 mile ride with my dad and had plenty of energy left after the 14 mile ride so as long as I don't fall or get a flat tire I'm hoping the 25 miles this weekend won't be too bad. 

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1 comment :

Traci said...

WOW! That is so cool what your brother is doing. I can't imagine being on a bike that long.