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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Love to Swim and Tumble School

Summer is here and it's getting hot outside. That means unless we are swimming at the pool or enjoying the splash park, we probably won't be spending as much time outside as the kids are used to. I'm planning our summer activities and know we are going to need to find some active things to do to burn off that excess energy. 

Micah has been watching Abby head off to gymnastics all school year long. The loving big sister that she is has come home and worked on teaching Micah some of things that she has learned and has gotten him all excited for the day that he can join in on the 'big kid' gymnastics. Until then I think I've found a happy medium - something he can burn off some energy doing and he'll get to do some gymnastics like sister until he is old enough for the gym that Abby attends. 

Find out more about the Love to Swim and Tumble School and a discount on your first month here

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The last few weeks of school before summer always seem like busy ones. Trying to finish things up before summer starts as well as the start of some summer activities as well. Are ya'll as busy as I am? Ready for summer or wishing school went a few weeks longer? It seems lots of people are out already but Abby doesn't get out for another week. 
  • Last weekend my brother completed his first ironman in the Woodlands. We are incredibly impressed with him not only for finishing but he also placed 5th in his age division! We didn't head over to Houston to watch him but thanks to their live feed, the littles and I watched him cross the finish line on the computer and got a screen shot. 
  •  Wednesday evening we had a fun family afternoon - we checked the big two into the splash pad while we hit up the kickboxing class, then headed to the pool to cool off before heading home for dinner of kabobs and grilled corn on the cob. A wonderful afternoon! 
  • Yesterday I started working on our summer bucket list while the kids played in the drive-way. I'm mostly done with our list of things we want to do now I'm trying to plan out how our days are going to go. I'm sure we'll have some staying in pajamas all day days but I know we'll all be happier if we have at least one thing on the schedule to do each day. With how antsy the kids got over the rainy weekend we just had I know we need to keep busy. I don't think it should be too much of a problem though as June is quickly filling up with activities! 
  •  Lexie was quite proud of herself for her artistic masterpiece she colored on the driveway. It's a big step up from just wanting to eat the chalk all the time.  :)
  • She's my little toddler tornado - the other day after we headed inside from playing - she managed to spill a water bottle all over her and the floor. Then while I cleaned up the floor (after stripping her since she was all wet) she pulled out an apple cider drink mix packet, tore it open with her teeth and spilled that all over the floor. This all happened while I was trying to sweep up the floor! 
  • Our Memorial weekend ended up being quite rainy. More rain over the weekend than we've had in two years. A whole interstate (on the other side of town than us) was flooded over. It was crazy! This rainy week also happened to be when the neighbors had (without knowing all the rain was coming) picked to build a new fence to replace the old one. 
  • After the rain had passed, we headed out to the grand opening festivities at Crib and Kids. The kids got unicorns painted on their hands and caricatures drawn of them. I can't wait to hang these up. I'm thinking the playroom would be a good place for them. 
  • Alexis is a little snack monster - she and Micah are big grazers instead of wanting to eat big meals. She took the popcorn bowl I was sharing with her into her lap, immedietly after this picture she tried to move it on the other side of her, away from mommy! Ha! Like mother, like daughter with her love of popcorn! 
  • Honey also likes a snack and tried to stare me down for a bite the other night. 
  • I got out my gold baseball jersey on Sunday to watch the SEC Championship game. We won - SEC Champs! It was a great game - though the kids were restless when we went into overtime and I hadn't fixed dinner yet because we were watching the game! Next up the regionals.. Geaux Tigers! 
  • I spent this morning spring cleaning classrooms at Church - taking all the toys out of the cabinets, wiping them down, removing things that weren't supposed to be there. Everything is all nice and clean for VBS now! (We did the same in the baby wing last week) 

Memorial Day was pretty low key for us here. We hit the gym in the morning, then swimming lessons for Micah. I fixed a yummy dinner of bacon wrapped chicken, mashed potatoes and corn for dinner. Thankful for the freedom that all the service men and woman have worked hard to protect for us. I guess I'm a bad San Antonio-ite as I didn't even turn on or pay attention to the Spurs game at all that night. Not a basketball fan. 

What have you been up to? 

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cycle time

Last month the kids and I loaded up and drove up to Austin to meet up with my parents and brother. The next morning, my dad and I met up with my brother in Georgetown for the Red Poppy Ride. My brother  is a Texas 4000 rider and will bike from Austin to Alaska this summer to fight cancer. My dad has been riding with a cycle group to prepare to ride the Atlas ride this summer. With the little ones, I don't cycle outside but I do enjoy my spin classes. (In the that kicked my butt but I got a good workout kind of way - plus the girls I ride with are awesome!) My dad and brother rode 66 miles in Georgetown.... as for me... I just rode 14. Lexie was getting her molars and a front tooth all at the same time and had a very restless night so I only got like 4 broken up hours of sleep and was worried about how she was that morning. So instead of the longer 27 mile ride, I chose the short ride to get back to the littles since my mom was watching all three that morning while we rode. It felt good though once I got over the fear of falling off my bike from being in such a big pack of riders. 

Now that I have one 'ride' under my belt - I'm back on the cycle bikes preparing to ride 25 miles this weekend in a send off to my brother and his Texas 4000 team.  It may not be quite the same as outdoor cycling but it's the best I can do right now since I don't think Abby, Micah and Lexie are quite up for riding hours on their bikes yet. Eventually I'm hopeful we can do some family rides together but for now I'll enjoy my hour - hour and 1/2 workouts lead by our former Olympic trial cyclist leader and hope not to fall off a 'real' bike when I ride on the rode this weekend and have to remember to balance, make turns, and pay attention to the rode and not the chit-chat in between sets of work. Obviously our workouts are decently effective because I felt good after both the 17 mile ride with my dad and had plenty of energy left after the 14 mile ride so as long as I don't fall or get a flat tire I'm hoping the 25 miles this weekend won't be too bad. 

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer plans

Summer is coming and we have some weeks and weekends booking up quickly with VBS for both kids, swim lessons, a wedding and various other events. However there is still plenty of time to fill with fun. I've seen ideas on pinterest for having a 'plan' for each day and I'm thinking I'll try and follow that so the kids know what to look forward to. 

Source: somewhatsimple.com via Katie on Pinterest

One of the things on that list? Splashtown because my kids are waterbugs. You can find a coupon to save on your visit and more on our summer plans here

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pray for Oklahoma

My heart is heavy for those who lost loved ones in this awful disaster. I couldn't help but cuddle my littles a little longer last night as I'm sure many of ya'll did as well and cry for those who weren't able to last night.  We are keeping all those affected by this in our prayers. 

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Happy Wednesday ya'll! It's begining to feel closer to summer after this abnormally cool spring we've had lately. Normally it's hot by now and we've been swimming for the past month, this year - I haven't even thought about going to the pool yet. I, however, made the mistake of letting my kids know the pool at the Y is open.... and now Abby and Micah changed into suits first thing after she got home from school wanting to go swim. I wonder how long they'll last in the water? 

Now a little of what we've been up to lately on instagram 
  • Abby and Micah started with 'normal' animal sounds like woof and moo. This girl: roar for the dino and the alligator. 
  • She looks like such a big girl playing sweetly with her baby doll. I love seeing and playing baby doll with my girls. 

  • Being FOUR means that Micah can now climb the rock wall at the gym. He was so excited to give it a try the other day. I'm pretty sure they could just easily hoist him up there, he's so light! 
  • We met friends to play at the park and ride bikes on the trail. It was perfect timing because Micah had just days before figured out how to ride his big boy bike. He was so excited to show his friends how he could ride. 

  • This girl is worn out from all the playdates we've had lately. It's been so nice to see our friends and play with them often. She's also exhausted from her late night parties - molars are no fun. The past two nights she's been up until 10:30 not wanting to sleep (partly due to late naps but also due to molars) Even a little motrin didn't help get her to sleep earlier last night, at least it kept her from waking up every hour like she had the night before. 
What have you been up to lately? 

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

sunday afternoon scenes

Mother's day afternoon we kept it low key around here. Beau had to work so since it was Mother's day I gave myself grace and we kept it casual with a movie for quiet time before a late lunch with Beau before he headed off to work. 

Lexie even joined in on the movie time for a little bit. (Tell me that ruffly bottom isn't one of the cutest things ever!)
She was mostly happy about having swiped Micah's leappad. She was content with pretending to play with it as long as it was making a little noise. I see either passing down sister's or one of her own come Christmas time. 
Then after naptime we head outside. I was finally able to convince Micah to pedal forward on his big boy bike - the brakes when you pedal backwards kept tripping him up since the trike doesn't do that. He was and still is so proud of himself for riding his big boy bike (he kept wanting everyone to look at him riding it this morning at the park!) 
I pulled out the water table for this little bit. Summer #4 with the water table and it's still a hit. She of course got all wet and we stripped down to her diaper because wet clothes were chilly in the shade and hint of wind. Just keeping it classy around here. She was giving me high tens and then clapping for herself. She's so stinking cute lately. I need to do an update on her with all her cuteness as of late. 
Then we headed in for an easy dinner, bath, books and bed. A simple but sweet Mother's day. 


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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Every year since Micah was born, our Church has arranged for volunteers to take family pictures so that Mom's can be in the picture too on Mother's Day.  It usually means that sleeping in and breakfast in bed aren't an option for the morning since we have to get up and ready but I love our tradition of having a Mother's day family picture. 

Beau cooked a yummy lunch for us after Church - with a baked brie appetizer, steak and mashed potatoes. It was delicious. The rest of our day is going to be low key - Beau has to go in to work and the kids and I will watch movies, play outside, and then some ordinary getting ready for the week ahead chores. The kids really want to blow up the water slide but it's not quite warm enough (crazy as it's usually plenty warm by now!) 

And a look back at our last 4 years of pictures.... 

- 2012 - 
we were distracted by all the rolly pollies on the round and Micah was mad I mad him look up 
- 2011 - 

- 2010 - 

 - 2009 - 
My itty bitty 5 day old Micah 

I hope ya'll are enjoying a happy Mother's day as well! 


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Micah's dino party!

Micah has been oh so excited for his party for the past three weeks. Sunday morning on his birthday, he and Abby woke up about 7, Abby is telling him "Happy Birthday Micah, you're 4 now" then they quickly put on their swimsuits. Ummm... it was about 55 degrees outside... in May... in South Texas. 

Micah only had about 3 requests for his birthday - the water slide, party hats and a dino piñata. I'm happy to say that we were able to give him all 3. I'm not so sure what the deal was with party hats or where they got the idea as I don't remember taking them to a party with party hats before but he sure wanted one! 
I tried to keep things simple - we had cupcakes - because a party isn't a party without cake! 
Dino cookies - because I have a love for iced sugar cookies even though it's like a 3 hour task to bake and decorate them.
Dino goodie bags - with some dinosaur tattoos, dinosaur crayons and more to come.... 
The dinosaur piñata. I think he's kinda cute. 
The simple set up....

I blew up and filled up the pool of the water slide 4 hours before the party and it warmed up the water.... until I turned on the water to the slide and made it cold again. 
So while they had fun, we did manage to turn all Micah's friends into popsicles. He's got some sweet friends who were glad to huddle around him and help him warm up after I convinced him to get out. 
thanks for the great picture Wendy!
Happy Birthday Micah! 
Once we froze everyone and had some cake, we sent them out on a dino egg hunt. 
And then it was pinata time!
Micah had a great time at his party and we are so happy his friends were able to come over and celebrate with us. We've promised to have to have them all back when our normal Texas weather returns and we won't freeze them on the water slide.