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Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter weekend 2013

 Our Easter weekend was jam packed with fun. Gigi and Pops came into town on Good Friday to celebrate Beau's birthday with us. After breakfast at their hotel we headed to the Easter egg hunt at our gym.

The Easter bunny was there! Abby and Micah wanted a picture with him... Lexie not so much.
 Lexie loved her basket and putting eggs in her basket. As soon as she had a couple she was content. 
 The gym did a fabulous job and staggered the age groups so I could help Lexie hunt and see Micah hunt as well. 

Everyone had a great egg hunt! It worked out perfectly that both Abby and Micah found prize eggs with the same 'level' of prize so they weren't upset over who got the better prize. 

We headed shopping at La Canetera with Gigi and Pops where all the kids got new summer hats that they are super thrilled about. Abby and Micah seriously wore them all weekend. Then we met up with Beau to take him out for a birthday lunch. He wanted crawfish so we ate at Fish City Grill. Then home, a quick house tour and park tour for Gigi and Pops before they headed back to their home so Pops could go on his bike ride the next morning. Good thing they live closer than they used to! The kids and I finished the day with working in the nursery for the first of 6 Easter services at our Church (technically first of 17 between all the campuses!)  

We didn't slow down any on Saturday with some gym time in the morning, park playing, naptime and back to work in the nursery for the next two services. 
Sunday morning started with excited voices waking everyone up because the Easter bunny had come! Everyone loved their baskets and bunnies! After breakfast we got ready for Church. We feasted for lunch with ribs, homemade green bean casserole (the birthday boy's favorite), brown sugar carrots and mashed potatoes. Then finally naptime! We had a low key afternoon with a little park play until it started thundering. We finished Easter with popcorn, a movie and leftover pizza for dinner. Couldn't ask for a better way to end a busy busy weekend.  


Unknown said...

WOW That's a lot of Easter services. ARe they all identical? Or do different teams lead different services?

Traci said...

That hat picture is too cute! Abby is starting to look so old! They grow up fast.