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Thursday, March 28, 2013

strawberry picking

It was a beautiful, though slightly chilly, morning and nothing else pressing that needed (see boxes don't really need to be unpacked right?) to be done, so we set off on a fun morning. We were out of strawberries and we are in the peak of our short strawberry season. I would have loved for Abby to be able to join us but since we weren't able to go over spring break and the weekends are much more crowded, we decided to go ahead and go yesterday. 

The drive out the orchard is beautiful. It's about an hour away but it's not a bad drive. The Texas Hill Country really is beautiful, especially this time of year with all the bluebonnets blooming.  The peach trees were all in bloom as well. Can you see all those beautiful pink blooms on the peach trees? We have yet to make it back for peach picking at the orchard (as strawberries are my kids favorite) but I think we will make an attempt to go this year.
After a quick recap of the berry picking instructions we were off. Micah really was a terrific berry picker this year. He was very careful, examining the berries, asking me if they were red and ready before picking them off the plant. 

 He was very happy to have his own box to put the berries he picked in and was also a terrific helper with moving the boxes along with us as we moved down the row. 
Lexie was also a sweet girl. She hung out on my back in the Ergo and snacked on some animal crackers (can't have strawberry juice down my back! ha!) The wind make it much chillier than the temperature said it was. We were not quite dressed for that! From the weather report I thought it would start warming up but it didn't seem like it did because of the wind.
 Right next to the orchard is a darling little old school house. I just couldn't resist stopping to take a picture with the kids in front of the school house. 
To end our day we had breakfast for dinner because I thought pancakes with strawberries on top seemed like a yummy way to end our day. The kids gobbled up strawberries. Especially Alexis who was covered in strawberry juice by the end of the meal. She may not have eaten any pancakes but she ate at least as many or maybe double the amount of strawberries the bigger two did. 

I highly recommend finding a farm and picking your own berries - not much is better than a fresh strawberry. Now I need to find some good strawberry recipes! Though if I don't do it quickly I think my kids may just eat them all before I have a chance to make anything. If you are local-ish to me I recommend Marburger Orchard up in Fredericksburg. We've been going up there for our berry picking for 4 years now. 



Lori Stromberg said...

This is a GREAT activity for the family? What is the name of the place you went? I'd love to take my family.

Traci said...

I'm sooo ready for some good strawberries! I've never gone & picked them myself though. It looks fun.