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Monday, March 04, 2013

Smock It To Me {review}

I'm sure if you've been around here for more than 5 minutes, you realize that I love pretty little smocked dresses, bubbles, outfits for Abby and especially for Lexie (because she's much less opinionated about what she wears than Abby is.) When Abby was little, I only saw smocking in those high end boutiques where I wasn't exactly about to pay those prices for more than special occasion dresses like Christmas and Easter.  Now there are finally affordable smocking to fulfill my addiction.... (I'm sure the hubs would be rolling his eyes about now!) 

Facebook is now full of various smocked sites. It's easy to get overwhelmed and also easy to wonder about the quality of what you are getting since you can't exactly go out to the store and feel it for yourself. 

Smock It To Me is one of those auction sites on Facebook but they also have a website (a big bonus because then you don't have to wait for auction times to snag that dress you have your eye on!) They have started designing and selling their very own Liney Lu line of smocked outfits. 
Mary-Catherine from Smock It To Me so kindly sent Alexis this beautiful Liney Lu owl bishop for us to review. The quality of the smocking is fantastic - handsmocked too - not done by machine. It looks just like the picture (if not even better!) so no surprises when you get your happy mail arrives. 

Lexie is a peanut but we already had several dresses in the 12 month size for her to wear so I asked for an 18 month and as you can see she's got plenty of room to grow but now that she's walking it didn't bother her to wear it long for now. This will be perfect for her come late summer/early fall when it's still so hot outside. (With the size of the hem she can likely get two years out of it if she continues growing like she is now)
 I just love the angel wing bishops for summer! 

If you haven't found that perfect Easter dress yet, Smock It To Me has several adorable options in their Liney Lu line with bunnies, lambs, crosses or my favorite tulips! The ladies over on the FB page are always so helpful in answering any questions you have as well if the world of FB auction sites overwhelms you at first or if you have any question about their beautiful clothes. 

You can shop their facebook auctions Monday and Wednesday at 8pm CST. They can also be found on twitter now. 

*Disclosure: I was sent a dress at no cost to me to review but all opinions are (and always are) my own. 


SensiblySara said...

What a great dress!!

jessica said...

I am dying, she is adorable in that dress - especially with the cardigan! So so cute!