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Wednesday, March 06, 2013


  • We were out of a lot of things thus requiring a 'cranky hour' trip to HEB with all 3 littles. Not usually the smartest thing to do but we survived and were still smiling when we left. 
  • I did pick up this tea on a recommendation of Jessica. I'm loving the strawberry white tea, the peach is pretty good too. The jury is still out on the sweet tea - I couldn't decide if I like it or not. 

  • Last week Abby had her yearly field trip. She wasn't too excited since they were going to the same Magik Theater as last year but she was thrilled to be riding the bus. 
  • Then the next day we had a 'field trip' for Micah and Alexis with a trip to see the dino's at the Witte Museum.

  • My gym's cycle classes got cancelled due to low (5-8 people) attendance. So I drove across town to a different Y (thankful for a city membership!) to get some cycle time in. 
  • Micah on the other hand needs to become a bit of a couch potato... I had to seriously tighten his new shorts about as tight as they'd go so they wouldn't fall off. My skinny guy. 
  • So very happy they recently changed our water restriction regulations and instead of car washing on your weekly watering day (which ours is Tuesday - our busy day) we can now wash cars on Saturday or Sunday. That meant Sunday, we got our car washing on since it was beautiful outside. That included washing all 3 vehicles - the mini Cooper included. 
  • Then the kids went for a Sunday drive - Lexie was thrilled that she got to join in and not just watch. 



Traci said...

I didn't realize there were water restrictions. I know when there's a drout places have them.

jessica said...

I'm so glad you like the tea! I can't remember what I thought about the sweet tea? lol

OMG the kids washing their car! That is precious. Lexi looks so excited!