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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

insta + lately

Moving apparently kills most of my photo taking but since all our stuff is at least in the new house (even if it's still in boxes!) we've been having a little fun between unpacking boxes and organizing a new space. I was barely even on instagram for a while during the move - gasp! That's unheard of for me but gosh moving is a huge task even if it's just down the street. 
The house we moved into has a little playground at the end of the street. Moving took over playtime for a good week so the unpacking is going slowly as we fit in lots of playtime enjoying the beautiful spring weather. They are only little once and unpacking pictures and other things can wait for a rainy day (or in the South Texas drought - a way too hot day) when we can't go outside and play. 

Lexie has mastered climbing all the way to the highest slide - the spiral one that's taller than I am. She climbs up, looking back to see if I'm following her then giggles and continues climbing trying to get there before I catch her. She'll either sit and try to go down on her bottom or feet first on her belly. I however catch her and we slide together. At least I know that she's probably not going to dive/fall off the slide if she manages to go up without me. 

Easter in San Antonio means that the cascarones are out at the stores. So we had fun smashing some on each other the other day. 

Lexie is following in Micah's footsteps at the bottom of the growth chart but I found out recently that she really likes (for now at least) mashed potatoes. She has showed she liked them before but this week she couldn't get enough of them in her mouth fast enough. She was shoveling it in and ate as much or more than I did. 
After running an errand we had time to kill before kickboxing but not enough time to do anything else. So we played for a little while in the gym tree house playground. When we joined the Y and Abby was just 2 and 1/2 it took her at least 6 months before she headed to the top and went down the big spiral slide. It took Lexie all of 2 minutes to be coxed up there by big sister. Seeing a pattern here? 

Sunday was a day of rest. Micah must not have gotten enough sleep overnight and was pretty cranky... enough so that I decided a nap was worth the fact that it would make bedtime much harder. And I have to say I was right that Sunday nap was just the right thing! 

What have you been up to lately? After over a week of being without internet I've got some serious blog reading to catch up on - it's just not the same reading on the phone. 

1 comment :

jessica said...

Ok so answer to my question, y'all moved down the street!? I need to hear this story! :)