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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Bigger.. Better... Feathered

Do you know how dinosaurs went extinct? I sure do. It all has to do with their love of underpants. Micah is on a serious dino kick. For the past 24 bedtimes we've read Dinosaurs Love Underpants, a very silly story about the dino tug-o-war over the caveman's underpants that lead to their extinction. For countless nights before that we read one of Micah's other How do Dinos.... books. 

Okay so maybe that's not exactly what happened to cause the dino extinction but it sure makes Micah laugh and fuels his love of dinosaurs. So when we were invited to a mommy blogger event at the Witte to see the dinosaurs, it was an opportunity I knew we couldn't pass up. 

We were greeted by this giant Apatosaurus out front. Micah's first question was if he was real. He definitely looked very life like. Not only that but he moved and roared as well. 
This big T-Rex was hanging out in the garden. Alexis was not shy about going up to say hello. While Micah wanted to show him his T-Rex he brought along with him. 
Like the Apatosaurus, T-Rex also moves, opens his mouth and roars. Which could be scary to some but these littles all crowded around in excitement. 
The Apatosaurus and T-Rex (along with a Gigantoraptor) are too big to fit in the actual exhibit so they are on the grounds and in the main hall to greet you. They are just the beginning though so you'll want to see the rest! 

First thing that Micah spotted once inside the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit was an area to dig for dinosaur bones and tracks using paint brushes to uncover the bones under the rubber mulch. Such fun! This was high on Micah's list of favorite parts of the exhibit. 

Lexie was in awe.... or really excited about being let out of the wrap and allowed to walk around (she took off running she was so excited... well as fast as a 14 month old can run anyway.) I love the picture of her looking up at the Omeisaurus skeleton. I think she was in awe of just how big it was. 
There were so many ways to interact with the exhibits - on the Stegosaurus you could push buttons to make him move different parts of his body. Then there were ipads stationed around the exhibit, where you could interact with the dinosaurs, making them fly, land, eggs hatch, giving the dino food and watching him eat. Very cool! (Soon you'll be able to download an app and use your own device as well!) 
To say that Micah (and Lexie) enjoyed their visit would be an understatement. They loved it. The Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit will be at the Witte Museum through September 2nd so no doubt I'm sure we'll be back to see them again. 

On Tuesdays the Witte Museum has free admission from 3-8 pm and during that time you'd only have to pay the $5 surcharge to see the dinosaurs. (3 and under are free) If you didn't see the dinosaurs last time they were here, or even if you did, don't hesitate to put this on your list of things to do over spring break or the summer.

*Disclosure: We received free admission to the museum and exhibit, refreshments and provided with two additional admission tickets. 

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