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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Valentines Gift Guide

How do you do Valentines at your house? The hubs and I like to exchange gifts as the budget allows and we try to do a date night but rarely does it happen on Valentine's Day. I also like to get the kids a little something, a little I love you present. So I've put together a little Valentine's gift guide if you are still looking for ideas. You've only got a week left to shop!

1. For Abby: Doll pajamas - Abby keeps saying her McKenna has everything she needs, except pajamas so that made it extremely easy to decide what little thing Abby would get for Valentines. I'll probably add a book in too since Micah is getting a book along with a toy. 

2. For Micah: How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You - While my mom was watching Abby and Micah and I was in the hospital having just had Alexis, my mom took them to the book store and brought how How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs and How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats. These are favorite books around here so when According to Nina posted about the I Love You version I knew Micah needed it for Valentines Day.

3. For Alexis:  Counting Kisses book. After Christmas and Valentine's and considering she'd rather play with Abby and Micah's toys than her own 'baby' toys 1/2 the time we are sticking to a simple board book to add to the collection. 

Now for the tough part....  buying a present for him. 

At home brew kit  - I know many a guy who would love to show off to their friends the beer they brewed themselves. My hubs throughly enjoyed the Alton Brown episode on brewing beer and this makes it simple so they don't have to go gather all the supplies at various places. 

A year of planned and paid for dates  - This is a win for both you and him. I've seen this idea on pinterest before and Her Southern Charm did this for her hubs for Christmas. The dates and planned for and paid for already so you don't have to worry about what to do, when to go and how to make it fit in your budget at that time - just open the date envelope and go. These can be as elaborate or inexpensive as you want. Her Southern Charm suggested looking a groupon and living social for deals and ideas. You could plan a picnic, date nights at home, seeing a local minor league baseball or hockey game, Spurs game, weekend getaways. 

A boudoir session  -  Wait... I know it's kinda scary to think about at first. Once you wrap your head around it though it starts to be tempting. It's something for him, something that will make you feel great and will only be seen by him, you and the photographer. It's a little late for this idea for this year but file it away for the future - his birthday, your anniversary, Valentine's next year. I'm sure he'll love it. It's a gift for you in a way too - find a photographer who's style and images you love, find something new to wear that makes you feel great about yourself, have someone do your hair and make up (A mini-spa day for you!) and you'll have fantastic pictures you'll both love. I highly recommend Amanda of ARG photography if you're in San Antonio, she's sweet as can be and incredibly talented. 

Personalized money clip - I gave Beau one for our 7th anniversary (a copper one keeping with the traditional gifts) from etsy but places like Things Remembered would be able to personalize one too. It's something he can carry with him and will look at any time he has to pay for something. Useful and sentimental all at once. 

Sporting event tickets - I'd say that probably at least 80% of males would love tickets to their favorite sporting event. This could be as simple as tickets to go with him, a full package including food and parking, or even send him with his friends of a boy's night out. 

So if you've already finished your shopping - what are you getting your guy for Valentine's Day?

1 comment :

Traci said...

We don't usually do gifts anymore. It kinda seemed like we were just getting a gift for the sake of saying we did it. We usually just stay home. We don't like dealing with the crowds.