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Monday, February 04, 2013

Rodeo Parade

Back home, where I grew up, it's the start of Mardi Gras season. King Cakes, parades, beads and more.   HEB has things they call king cakes but generally they look nothing like the typical purple, green and gold king cakes back home. So instead I usually make one, except last year when my mom brought us one. 

Instead of Mardi Gras here... it's the start of Rodeo season. HA! I think we might be in Texas. Ya know, as if I hadn't figure that out yet after living here for 5 and 1/2 years. 

So I realized that my kids have never been to a parade before and I remember going to all sorts of fun Mardi Gras parades growing up and decided I'd brave downtown (I really don't like driving around downtown!) and take them to the rodeo parade. Abby and Micah love horses... and cows so I knew they'd love this. 

The parade started with driving a herd of longhorns down the street. No candy or beads at this parade, Mister. 
There were stage coaches, bag pipes (I didn't get the tie in there) cowboys, rodeo clowns, rope twirlers.....  
and horses galore! Needless to say Abby and Micah were in heaven. Micah 'claimed' all the 'polka' dot horses (aka the Paints) and Abby said the rest were hers. HA! My favorite were the majestically huge  Percherons.

 We didn't have the best spot to watch that parade but I had Micah on my shoulders and Abby stood in the stroller. We could have had a better spot but I figured the kids would be happier if we hung out at the Buckeraroo breakfast instead of waiting for 30 plus minutes watching an empty street. The Buckaroo breakfast was in the Alamo plaza so of course I had to take a picture of them in front of the Alamo. We did walk around in the Alamo a little as well while we were there because Abby really wanted to see it. We'd been once when we first moved here and she was about Alexis' age and haven't been back since.
It was really fun to be downtown and it wasn't quite as scary and I expected it to be driving and finding a parking spot/garage to park in. We might even try more events downtown after this. I can now cross something else off my list of things I had yet to do in San Antonio... but I've got a lot left to do. I got comfortable with the things we've done before and realized there are really quite a few things we haven't seen or do in our city. So my goal for this year is to start to cross some more of those off. Next up I think shall be the rodeo grounds. I've been many times to explore the Houston Rodeo grounds but never at the San Antonio Rodeo. As excited as Abby and Micah were for the parade, they'll really really love the rodeo I'm sure! 


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