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Monday, February 25, 2013

monday randoms

Yesterday morning after eating breakfast (or rather making a mess of breakfast), I took Lexie out of her high chair and took her shirt off (which is why she rarely eats in clothes - bibs can't cover enough!) When I set her on the ground, she momentarily whined at my feet, then swiped her shirt I had just taken off, put it on her head and proceeded to toddle around the kitchen giggling with her shirt on her head. At first I think she was mad she was undressed and wanted clothes on, and then once we were giggling she continued to put on a show. She was quite the entertainer! 

The littles looked so darling all dressed up for Church so of course I had to take a picture. Abby received this dress in the mail yesterday for Easter from Gigi and she "love love loves it" (add lots of jumping up and down in excitement.) She just couldn't wait to wear it. I tried it on her last night and once it was on Abby again told me she loved it. Sweet little Micah chimed in that she "looked like a princess." What a sweet brother!   

TMI alert: At bathtime last night I took off Lexie's diaper while I was running the bath water. In the time it took for me to turn around and throw it away, she pooped on the bath mat. (Thankfully wasn't in the tub yet) So I put on her the potty to see if she needed to finish and asked her if she needed to do more. She nodded yes and then went! Ha! My 13 month old just had her first poop on the potty. Sorry more than most of ya'll needed to know. I'm just impressed she told me yes and then went! I'm gonna ignore the fact that she should still be a baby and therefore not doing this stuff!

This morning it's crazy windy here. Power has gone out in some places, we lost our tv and internet signal for about 20 minutes and some pieces of our fence have blown down. We're waiting until the wind dies down before fixing them - it'd likely be pointless right now while it's still this windy. The crazy wind is also making it feel much cooler than the temperature really is which puts a damper on my plans for a photoshoot with Lexie.

Abby has spring picture day this week. I'm only excited for them because this year they are doing class pictures as well. I buy her fall picture for the school picture memories but spring picture I don't because I usually do pictures in the bluebonnets instead. Now to figure out what she should wear. She also has a field trip, well their only yearly field trip, this week. I'm kinda bummed they are going back to the Magik Theater this year. Not that it's not a fun place but I think it'd be more fun to go someplace different. Plus they don't need chaperones for the Magik Theater.... and I want to chaperone a field trip.

How was your weekend? And how's your Monday going so far?

1 comment :

Jennifer @ Geek Chic Mama said...

What a beautiful bunch! The wind is certainly wild today, isn't it?