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Friday, February 01, 2013

jump, jump and roll

Happy Friday y'all! It's been a busy week around here with it seems lots of things going on, lots of homework and a project for Abby, errands and more. I'm so glad it's the weekend, even though it doesn't mean that things are going to slow down around here. I've got fun plans for the weekend.... hopefully the things I have planned work out like I'm imagining and aren't a total bust.

Last week before the bulk trash came we had these mattress in our garage waiting to go out. The kids sure did love them and they were fantastic for getting out the extra energy they had.

I had a little too much fun in photoshop.... my first gif. Can you see it? Beau laughed at me at how excited I was when I figured out how to do this. I think I should have made it go a little slower but I'll know for next time. 

I'm so 'behind' in blogging. I've got zoo visit pictures, Valentines and Spring gift/idea guides I want to blog about. I'm behind in reading my favorite blogs too. I've been off my computer enjoying our spring like winter (and our one 1/2 day of winter we got this week!) or working out at the gym (it was 85 out one day this past week - swimsuit season will be upon us before we know it!)  Hopefully I'll be back at it next week :) 

Happy Weekend! 

1 comment :

jessica said...

I love that they had so much fun with that mattress!! lol And the GIF is so fun too!!