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Friday, February 08, 2013

January zoo trip

 I love this time of year for going to the zoo. Or at least the weather that we are having now as generally it's a little cooler than it has been during January and February. This 60-70 degree weather (maybe not the 79 that it was today though!) is perfect for a zoo visit - not too hot but warm enough to enjoy it and a lot of the animals are out as well. 

This sun bear was having a blast showing off sitting on his perch. 
The day we went there were several docents around the zoo sharing information about the animals and we could ask them questions as well. 
One had a giant spider she was teaching us about. 
Micah was very excited to be at the zoo and was ready to see ALL the animals, so curious about what was next. 
This rhino put on a little bit of a show, coming out of hiding in the shade to stand and pose. This picture reminds me of Ferdinand the Bull with him being framed by flowers. Ha! 
The best part of our zoo visit... the kids area. The San Antonio zoo is fantastic for young kids, including a special kids sections with lots for the littles to do. Throughout the day they have different animal interactions, story times and activities. We caught an animal interaction with the monkeys while we were there. The kids got to have a coffee filter with rice cereal. Then the play leaders (Beau loved that title - I do too! What a fun thing to be when you grow up, or as a summer/college job) passed out a worm to mix into the rice cereal. 
Next they got a grasshopper - a live, jumping one, to mix in but they had to be quick so he wouldn't hop away.... 
Beau and Lexie enjoyed watching. We've got crazy weather here - notice Lexie's outfit. The sweet peanut could still squeeze into her 6 month zoo bubble from last summer - it was just slightly less bubbly and yes it was plenty warm enough to wear a sleeveless bubble. Crazy. 
After the kids were done mixing their bugs into the cereal, the play leaders collected them all, took them around the the monkey keeper and she brought them into the enclosure for the monkeys to enjoy. 
side note: I didn't notice this at the zoo but when I was looking at this picture I notice the lady who was next to me and who's reflection is in the glass is wearing an LSU shirt. Geaux Tigers!

The monkeys enjoyed their little snack. Some other days they have the kids make toys instead of food treats for their enrichment and then other days they make treats and enrichment activities for the coatis instead of the monkeys. 

If you haven't been to the zoo lately, you should go while the weather is still nice enough to enjoy it. Before we know it the weather will get hot and the only places in the zoo you'll want to be will be the reptile house or the river bank!


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