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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It's Wednesday again. The 'hard' part of the week for me is already over. Mondays, of course, are always hard because well they are Mondays. Then comes Tuesday, which is our busy day. Wednesdays are a sigh of relief to recover then onto Thursday and Friday which usually bring a fun activity or play date. (This week, we are headed to see some dinos - which my dinosaur loving guy shoud hopefully be thrilled about!) 
  • Tuesdays we head to Bible class, after dropping Abby at school. Lexie was happy to get down and play while I got my classroom ready after a hectic morning of getting all our stuff ready for the day (lunch for Abby, snacks for Lexie and Micah, necessities for the morning....) It was extra yesterday since we had a ladies luncheon and so I taught a class of 2 year olds from 9:15 until 2. That made for a well deserved swing through Sonic for happy hour on the way home. 
  • The wind on Monday was crazy! It resulted in 3 sections of fence falling down so Beau was out nailing it back up before taking Abby to gymnastics. The wind sounds like it's blowing pretty hard out there again today. Not quite as high but still... hope the fence stays up. 

  • So after a long morning, I was not feeling up for cooking so we headed to Chickfila for dinner. The kids traded their toys for ice cream. 
  • Sadly my Tuesday had a sour note as my normal cycle class (well all 2 of our cycle classes) are getting cancelled come March. Last night was supposed to be the last one with my preferred instructor of the two.... and she emailed out. I was so looking forward to that workout. Now I have to spend a lot of time in the car, in rush hour traffic or chance Lexie likely falling asleep because it will be almost nap time for our long drive home to get to a cycle class. Arg.... not happy about that. 
  • This morning Lexie was cranky and wanting to stay in my lap instead of play and random outburst of crying fits. She did have a moment where I thought we had turned a corner and she had cheered up when she got down to sit next to Micah and watch PBS with him. I tried to sneak a picture but she caught me, then toddled after me while I tried to get some dishes from the dishwasher unloaded. Instead we headed upstairs and she went down for a morning nap. Guess yesterday really did wear her out. 

I got some happy mail at the end of last week and I'm anxiously awaiting the weather to cooperate so I can take Lexie out for a little photoshoot. After a couple weeks of nice spring like weather, we are back to cold in the morning and windy....  I'm expecting more happy mail with the kids bunnies for their Easter baskets that I'm also ridiculously excited about. Hopefully they'll love them as much as I already do. ( < Remind me of that when I'm feeling overrun by stuffed animals okay?)

How's your week been? 


Traci said...

Monday's are the absolute worst for me! ugh!! We had crazy wind Monday & yesterday & soooo much rain Monday.

Jennifer @ Geek Chic Mama said...

We're hoping we avoided any damage in that crazy wind! There's nothing immediately visible, thank goodness.

Perfectly Jenn said...

That wind was just insane! It knocked over Allen's grill and resulted in a big mess. Sorry y'all had to deal with fixing your fence :(

Wonder if CFA would let me trade my fries for ice cream???

Thanks for linking up girlie!