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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Happy Wednesday y'all! Hope your week is going well. It doesn't quite feel like Wednesday since Abby had Monday off from school. Now for the weekly insta+lately recap of our past week
  • Valentines day was kept pretty low key around here. We headed up to Abby's class party. Abby was very sweet to share some of her treats with Micah while we waited to let all Abby's classmates get theirs first. 
  • Little Valentines presents - books, chocolate and a small toy. Abby loves her matching pjs for her and McKenna and Micah is now (even more) obsessed with his dino books. We read them every night at least once through. 

  • Last Friday night as the school's Mustang Trot fundraiser. Abby of course came home super excited about it and the fact they'd have pony rides. So of course we had to go. The petting zoo was of course a big hit with my littles. 
  • Alexis was all cozy in the wrap. Awful picture as it got dark quickly but I still like it. 

  • I couldn't not let them have a pony ride. They were thrilled! (Again dark so not great pictures but it's the memories right?)

  • Sunday morning Bible class wore this sweet girl out. Usually she'll wake up when I'm unbuckling them all and if not that will be woken up by me taking her out of her seat. Not on Sunday. She and I sat in the chair and she napped for a good 45 minutes (including drive time home) 

  • Later Sunday afternoon, Micah had been playing with Abby but decided he was tired and cuddle up in my bed for a nap. Poor guy was running a fever and didn't feel good. I always feel bad when my kids come down with a fever after they've spent time in a childcare situation like Bible class that morning but of course I couldn't know he'd be feverish that afternoon. 
  • While he napped, since Lexie was now awake, the girls and I played outside. I can't believe she looks that big! 

Do you shop Zulily? In case you hadn't heard Toms are on sale there today but they are going fast! If all us girls hadn't just got some for Christmas I'd be all over this (or if the fun polka dot ones I want for the girls were there.) 



Traci said...

It looks like you've worn those kids out! HAHA!!

Nichole @ casadecrews.com said...

Your kiddos are too cute! Pony rides look fun :)

Perfectly Jenn said...

That looks like a fun V-day celebration! And that fundraiser looks like such fun for the kids. I loved going to things like that when I was little.

Thanks for linking up!