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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It's Wednesday again. The 'hard' part of the week for me is already over. Mondays, of course, are always hard because well they are Mondays. Then comes Tuesday, which is our busy day. Wednesdays are a sigh of relief to recover then onto Thursday and Friday which usually bring a fun activity or play date. (This week, we are headed to see some dinos - which my dinosaur loving guy shoud hopefully be thrilled about!) 
  • Tuesdays we head to Bible class, after dropping Abby at school. Lexie was happy to get down and play while I got my classroom ready after a hectic morning of getting all our stuff ready for the day (lunch for Abby, snacks for Lexie and Micah, necessities for the morning....) It was extra yesterday since we had a ladies luncheon and so I taught a class of 2 year olds from 9:15 until 2. That made for a well deserved swing through Sonic for happy hour on the way home. 
  • The wind on Monday was crazy! It resulted in 3 sections of fence falling down so Beau was out nailing it back up before taking Abby to gymnastics. The wind sounds like it's blowing pretty hard out there again today. Not quite as high but still... hope the fence stays up. 

  • So after a long morning, I was not feeling up for cooking so we headed to Chickfila for dinner. The kids traded their toys for ice cream. 
  • Sadly my Tuesday had a sour note as my normal cycle class (well all 2 of our cycle classes) are getting cancelled come March. Last night was supposed to be the last one with my preferred instructor of the two.... and she emailed out. I was so looking forward to that workout. Now I have to spend a lot of time in the car, in rush hour traffic or chance Lexie likely falling asleep because it will be almost nap time for our long drive home to get to a cycle class. Arg.... not happy about that. 
  • This morning Lexie was cranky and wanting to stay in my lap instead of play and random outburst of crying fits. She did have a moment where I thought we had turned a corner and she had cheered up when she got down to sit next to Micah and watch PBS with him. I tried to sneak a picture but she caught me, then toddled after me while I tried to get some dishes from the dishwasher unloaded. Instead we headed upstairs and she went down for a morning nap. Guess yesterday really did wear her out. 

I got some happy mail at the end of last week and I'm anxiously awaiting the weather to cooperate so I can take Lexie out for a little photoshoot. After a couple weeks of nice spring like weather, we are back to cold in the morning and windy....  I'm expecting more happy mail with the kids bunnies for their Easter baskets that I'm also ridiculously excited about. Hopefully they'll love them as much as I already do. ( < Remind me of that when I'm feeling overrun by stuffed animals okay?)

How's your week been? 

Monday, February 25, 2013

monday randoms

Yesterday morning after eating breakfast (or rather making a mess of breakfast), I took Lexie out of her high chair and took her shirt off (which is why she rarely eats in clothes - bibs can't cover enough!) When I set her on the ground, she momentarily whined at my feet, then swiped her shirt I had just taken off, put it on her head and proceeded to toddle around the kitchen giggling with her shirt on her head. At first I think she was mad she was undressed and wanted clothes on, and then once we were giggling she continued to put on a show. She was quite the entertainer! 

The littles looked so darling all dressed up for Church so of course I had to take a picture. Abby received this dress in the mail yesterday for Easter from Gigi and she "love love loves it" (add lots of jumping up and down in excitement.) She just couldn't wait to wear it. I tried it on her last night and once it was on Abby again told me she loved it. Sweet little Micah chimed in that she "looked like a princess." What a sweet brother!   

TMI alert: At bathtime last night I took off Lexie's diaper while I was running the bath water. In the time it took for me to turn around and throw it away, she pooped on the bath mat. (Thankfully wasn't in the tub yet) So I put on her the potty to see if she needed to finish and asked her if she needed to do more. She nodded yes and then went! Ha! My 13 month old just had her first poop on the potty. Sorry more than most of ya'll needed to know. I'm just impressed she told me yes and then went! I'm gonna ignore the fact that she should still be a baby and therefore not doing this stuff!

This morning it's crazy windy here. Power has gone out in some places, we lost our tv and internet signal for about 20 minutes and some pieces of our fence have blown down. We're waiting until the wind dies down before fixing them - it'd likely be pointless right now while it's still this windy. The crazy wind is also making it feel much cooler than the temperature really is which puts a damper on my plans for a photoshoot with Lexie.

Abby has spring picture day this week. I'm only excited for them because this year they are doing class pictures as well. I buy her fall picture for the school picture memories but spring picture I don't because I usually do pictures in the bluebonnets instead. Now to figure out what she should wear. She also has a field trip, well their only yearly field trip, this week. I'm kinda bummed they are going back to the Magik Theater this year. Not that it's not a fun place but I think it'd be more fun to go someplace different. Plus they don't need chaperones for the Magik Theater.... and I want to chaperone a field trip.

How was your weekend? And how's your Monday going so far?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Back to the zoo

We were busted by Abby for going to the zoo without her while she was in school. The new refillable Tiger cup gave it away as she immediately noticed it and was very upset she didn't have one. So she wanted to go to the zoo and get one as well. Nope not to see the animals but to get a cup like Micah had. Yes normally they'd share... and normally they share with us (as we aren't there all day - just a few hours) or even better I usually pack a bag of snacks but alas we 'needed' a tiger cup. 

Since we didn't have anything else planned for the morning and it was lovely outside, I figured why not head out to the zoo. 

When we get to the zoo I always ask what animal they want to see to plan our trip around the zoo and be sure not to miss that specific animal and no surprise there - the gators won that vote on Saturday. So we took off in that direction and saw lots of animals on the way. 
The anteater was even out. I rarely see this guy out and he's huge! I never realized quite how large anteaters really are until the came up next to the bridge we were walking over, stood up against the wall and we could hear him loudly stiffing for some food. 

We wandered around the Tot spot and checked out the giant tortoises. Did you know they enjoy a good petting? And will follow you around like a puppy dog if they think you'll feed them? Nope, me either but it's true. 

Everyone was having fun watching the prairie dogs and crawling up in the look out hole. Lexie likes this area because it means she gets to get out and toddle around enjoying it as well. 

And we can't go to the zoo without comparing ourselves to the condor wings or climbing on the lion statues at the front. 

What's your favorite animal to see at the zoo? 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Happy Wednesday y'all! Hope your week is going well. It doesn't quite feel like Wednesday since Abby had Monday off from school. Now for the weekly insta+lately recap of our past week
  • Valentines day was kept pretty low key around here. We headed up to Abby's class party. Abby was very sweet to share some of her treats with Micah while we waited to let all Abby's classmates get theirs first. 
  • Little Valentines presents - books, chocolate and a small toy. Abby loves her matching pjs for her and McKenna and Micah is now (even more) obsessed with his dino books. We read them every night at least once through. 

  • Last Friday night as the school's Mustang Trot fundraiser. Abby of course came home super excited about it and the fact they'd have pony rides. So of course we had to go. The petting zoo was of course a big hit with my littles. 
  • Alexis was all cozy in the wrap. Awful picture as it got dark quickly but I still like it. 

  • I couldn't not let them have a pony ride. They were thrilled! (Again dark so not great pictures but it's the memories right?)

  • Sunday morning Bible class wore this sweet girl out. Usually she'll wake up when I'm unbuckling them all and if not that will be woken up by me taking her out of her seat. Not on Sunday. She and I sat in the chair and she napped for a good 45 minutes (including drive time home) 

  • Later Sunday afternoon, Micah had been playing with Abby but decided he was tired and cuddle up in my bed for a nap. Poor guy was running a fever and didn't feel good. I always feel bad when my kids come down with a fever after they've spent time in a childcare situation like Bible class that morning but of course I couldn't know he'd be feverish that afternoon. 
  • While he napped, since Lexie was now awake, the girls and I played outside. I can't believe she looks that big! 

Do you shop Zulily? In case you hadn't heard Toms are on sale there today but they are going fast! If all us girls hadn't just got some for Christmas I'd be all over this (or if the fun polka dot ones I want for the girls were there.) 


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Two years ago I made some super cute Valentine's for Abby and Micah. I still love those little wallets I made for them. So I wanted to do picture Valentine's again this year. I think they came out just precious! 

Target definitely suckered me into their Valentine's collection this year because their frames were a perfect fit to show off these pictures too. I just love my 3 little Valentines.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Apparently I've been too busy lately to even use my favorite instagram app to take pictures the past couple weeks. I had shockingly few (for me) pictures and missed linking up last week. So here's a little bit about what we've been up to over the past two weeks. 
  • It's becoming very clear to me that every day I have less of a 'baby' and more of a toddler. (insert sad mommy tears here) Though she'll always be my baby. The other day she was trying to play peek-a-boo between my legs while I was cooking. It wasn't the most effective method to get dinner on the table quickly. (She is smiling in this picture it's just blurry - as you'll soon see if often the case now with Alexis)
  • Abby had a Generation Texas week at school - celebrating/encouraging high education. So we had to decorate a pennat with the college they wanted to attend. Of course this means it had to be purple and gold for LSU!  

  • I got a idea in my head for Valentine pictures. So I rounded up the props and we took off on a little road trip adventure to see out my idea. They turned out pretty darn cute if you ask me. Come back tomorrow and you'll see them! 
  • Of course the day before said picture adventure someone got a little too wild and crazy with a stick and flung it and a little someone got hit by the flying stick. Poor baby girl. Thank goodness for photoshop right? 

  • A little bit of sweet amongst the sibling rivarly. Everything is a competition/I have something you don't or "I don't want to play with you because you aren't playing my way" these days. So it's nice to see a little bit of sweet as they read books together.
  • Even Lexie is wanting to join in on the 'big kid' games. They were gator wrestling and when she saw an open gator she pounced just like they do and looked so proud of herself. She knew exactly what she was doing. Again much more like a toddler instead of a baby. 

  • Alexis + blackberries = bathtime. Just a couple blackberries result in a very purple baby. Seriously it's amazing how much juice is in those things and how it gets everywhere. (And again busy baby = blurry photo) 
  • Sunday I was told when I picked Lexie up that she is very busy and a daredevil but at least she knows how to fall so she isn't upset/hurt. That came as no shocker to me as I routinely have to put the little chairs on the big table or else I am constantly stopping her from standing in the chairs of climbing on the table. I'm constantly kept on my toes with this little love. 

  • Yesterday this little bit and I hung out at Church for a good long while in the afternoon to secure Micah a spot in the pre-school. They only had 5 open spots for 4 year olds. So we (again - as we did this with Abby) camped out over night to ensure he'd get a spot. I have yet to meet a teacher from this preschool that I don't love. 
What have you been up to lately? 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let's Rodeo!

*warning picture overload* 

It's Rodeo time. Last Friday was the first of many dollar days (every Friday + MLK day) so I figured why not head out there and see some animals. They liked the parade so much I knew they'd love this. I just hoped I wasn't crazy for braving this by myself sans another adult with 3 littles.

Abby had a half day Friday so it made for the perfect afternoon. We left and headed there as soon as Lexie was up from her (early) nap. We got there shortly after one. We headed in through the entrance by all the livestock so we saw the animals first and saved the rides and such for later. After walking through and seeing some of the livestock that was there to be shown in competition we headed into the first 'kids' area and learned about different kinds of sheep, goats, pigs, cows, chickens and native Texas animals. 

Then after wandering through the HEB farmer's market, getting an ice cream sample and learning how to milk a cow, we ended up at the petting zoo. Of course this was a favorite of my littles. They had your typical petting zoo goats, along with deer, alpacas (I think), and kangaroos. 
I think the deer were a favorite. Especially since we see others in the park where the Y is located so often. These deer were very sweet and would stand still for a little petting. 

Or a hug or two. 
Then we were ready for a snack and some rides I had promised them as soon as they saw the carousel and asked about riding on it. The best part about dollar day was that the ride tickets were all a dollar and instead of the 3-4 plus tickets per ride, each ride was only 1 ticket. Plus $1 hot dogs, cotton candy and sodas. Hey we don't do this often so of course I quickly said okay to the uber sugar treat of cotton candy.  Micah wasn't a fan of the sticky sweet treat but Abby was very happy about it. 
We all took a whirl on the bigger carousel. Micah loved this dragon, as did Abby but she quickly changed her mind when she saw there was a kitty right next to it. So much for the classic horses!  
Then they got to pick a few more of the kiddie rides that they could go on without me (because they could go on more rides if I didn't have to have tickets for Lexie and I as well.) They were in heaven riding lots of rides. They don't usually ask to ride the rides at Sea World but I think after this experience, that's likely to change on our next visit. 

Lexie sweetly and patiently, snacked and waited, watching and waving to Micah and Abby while the rode around. 
Micah wasn't quite tall enough for this one yet but Abby really wanted to go (she even wanted to go on the bigger one that she wasn't tall enough to go on by herself!) 
And she loved it! 
She didn't love that it meant Micah had an extra ticket to go on another ride without her (because we would have had to go back to the front for another one since I was down to Micah's last one and he was upset he didn't get to slide with Abby) However Micah loved this dinosaur ride. 
After watching some pig races (seriously so funny - but I wasn't close enough for good pictures - but I did get the kids snuck up to the front to see better) We got a few more tickets for a couple more rides. Micah's "I'm having a blast" face obviously involves his tongue being stuck out.... Ha! 
My only regret about the rodeo stock show was setting foot in the reptile exhibit. WAY too many of those snakes had maps with our area shaded and a note saying it was found in our county. Not a happy thought! I prefer not knowing how many of those snakes I may happen upon in my backyard. 

To try and not think about all the local snakes we then stopped to watch the dock dogs do their tricks - long jumping off the dock into the pool. Lots of fun - especially for my dog loving littles. 

Then with pleas to see "one more animal" before we left we headed through the equestrian discovery center and learned about miniature horses and saw a big giant Percheron horse as well as the Gypsy horse that's a cross between ponies and the giant Clydesdales type breeds. The kids of course loved it and I'm surprise I haven't heard "can we get a horse" yet out of their mouths"  

It was a fun afternoon and the littles were in awe with all the animals, rides and activities to do. We could have stayed longer and looked at more but I already had dinner plans and a hubs waiting on us to eat and if we stayed any longer I would have been broke (and a few pounds heavier) because I seriously wanted to try everything. All the rodeo food smelled so----- good. I love that bbq smell and all the various other yummies. We did indulge and share a funnel cake between the four of us as a treat before we left but managed to avoid filling up on any of the other yummies.  I might have to go back on another dollar Friday just to sample some more food... but then I'd have to make a decision on which to try.... (let's hope that remains the hardest decision I'd have to make!) 

Seriously though we spent 4 hours at the stock show and could have stayed longer, the kids were having a blast. So even if you aren't into going to the rodeo, head out and check out all the other activities. I don't think you'll regret it! (And if your kids are going to want to ride on the carnival rides - I highly recommend dollar day - your kids and wallet will thank you)


Saturday, February 09, 2013

Tea Collection Sale

I'm so excited to share with you that from now through 2/14, Tea Collection is offering 15% off sitewide with promo code GOTHERE15. Shop the hottest spring looks inspired by Tea Collection's travels to South Africa or take an additional 15% off already reduced sale items. Hurry, don't miss your chance to shop this great sale from Tea! Happy Shopping! 

We love our Tea collection clothes - they are super soft and comfy for the littles. The dresses are precious but still comfy enough to play in.  

I love these two sweet dresses.  
And this darling elphant shirt and adorable pajamas! 

So what are you waiting for - check out the sale and get shopping! 

*Affiliate links used but all opinions are my own.