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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Valentine's Crafts

I'm joined up today with some of my local bloggers and friends to bring you some Valentine's DIY crafts. I've picked a few of my favorites I've created to share with you today.   

Valentine's Shirt 

To make your Valentine shirt, you need: 
fabric interfacing 
fabric of your choice 
Optional (but very helpful) Silhouette or Cricut cutter
shirt or onesie you want to use
Optional (but a good idea if you'll be wearing it often) a sewing machine or needle and thread 

You'll start by ironing your fabric interfacing onto the back/wrong side of your fabric. Once you have your fabric ready you can cut it out. You can trace your design and cut it out by hand or what I did was use my Silhouette to cut out my design. Then I ironed it onto the shirt. If I knew how to sew/had a sewing machine I would have sewed the design down after I ironed it on to make sure it stayed through washing. However I knew we'd only wear this a few times (since I waited until the last minute to make it - with the whole newborn sleep exhaustion at the time and all) so I skipped that step.  

I don't know if this is a favorite because of the shirt of just how itty bitty Alexis was last year at Valentine's Day

Thumbprint Magnets 

Sculpey oven bake clay
rolling pin (optional)
round cookie cutter (optional)
Paints & paint brush
hot glue gun  

You'll start by rolling out the clay - pick however much you want to use. You'll have to work it in your hands to get it soft as it's a little tough to start. You could also just roll them in a ball then flatten into a circle if you want a little more rustic feel to these. Once rolled out, my kids cut out small circles from the clay. Once we had our circles, I helped them do overlapping thumbprints to make a heart shapes. Then we baked according to the directions on the Sculpey clay package. Once baked and dry, we painted the thumbprint hearts leaving the rest of our circle white. You could paint yours however you wanted.  If you want to see more in progress picture - the original post is here.

Paper roll Valentine's puppets 

empty toilet paper tube 
white sheet of paper (optional)
fancy/pretty tape
construction/colored paper
googly eyes
markers/crayons if you want

We started by wrapping the toilet paper tube in the white paper to make it look 'prettier.' You could totally skip this step if you wanted. Then we used paper/washi tape to wrap around our roll. We cut out a heart to make a face at the top and added googly eyes. (Because what's a kids craft that needs eyes without the googly kind?) We used another piece of tape to stick our heart face on at the top. At first my kids didn't want to color any more details but they later came back and added hair, mouth and eyelashes.  And voila you're done, a simple, not to messy, quick but fun craft. 

If you want to see more Valentine's crafts, I hope you'll continue on to Alvina's blog, There's Magic Out There and check out what's she's made, then continue on and see our other talented and creative San Antonio bloggers.



MrsAshleyEm said...

You've given me some cute ideas to use in a couple of weeks!

Unknown said...

Hi Katie, it's my first time stopping by! I love this blog loop you ladies created! I'd like to do that with bloggers in my area.
Beth @ The First Year Blog