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Monday, January 07, 2013

Sunday scenes

One of my New Year's resolutions is to be more present with the littles. To make memories with my them that they will remember. We haven't done many structured crafts - just letting them color, cut, draw on paper as they want. (Which of course has it's benefits but they love the planned crafts too) They also love playing games and I haven't been setting aside time to do that like I'd like to. Naptime has been time I've used to do chores around the house or even trying to get a blog post up and I haven't used it as much to do things we can't do as well with Lexie grabbing pieces. I actually started this somewhat in December - trying to make holiday memories they'd remember but my goal this year is not to get caught up and be too busy to enjoy my littles while they are still little. 

So this weekend was an lazy, spent at home weekend. Mostly because we were on a self-imposed quarantine with 3 littles that have pink eye.  Lexie took several good naps letting me get some cleaning and cleaning out done. She looks so sweet sleeping. 
 During one of her naps we played a round of Candyland and game of Shoots and Ladders. Micah let us know when the game was over by jumping to the win square. 
Then Abby's favorite show (and Micah enjoys it too) is Gator Boys and the season premiere was tonight. So I let her stay up past bedtime (on a school night) and lay in my bed and watch it with me. A little special time. Hopefully if she's well enough for school tomorrow she isn't too tired. (She's been procrastinating bedtime all week anyway so she probably wasn't up much later than normal but it will be an early alarm tomorrow - for her and mom!)


MrsAshleyEm said...

It's sweet to get those moments with your kids!

Traci said...

I hope they're all feeling better!