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Monday, January 07, 2013

Simple Valentine's craft: Hey, That's Pintastic

Over the weekend I was pinning while nursing the babe and came across this cute, simple Valentines craft. Sure, maybe it's a tad early to start with the Valentines crafts but since Christmas is all packed up I'm ready to get a few Valentine's decorations out as I'm missing my 'decorated' house. I saw this craft, knew we easily had everything we needed and as soon as the babe was asleep, we headed downstairs to get our craft on. 

All you need: 
empty toilet paper tube 
white sheet of paper
fancy/pretty tape
construction/colored paper
googly eyes
markers/crayons if you want

We covered the toilet paper roll in the white paper (to make it look a little nicer) Then I gave the kids strips of my paper tape (from Target in the office supply section) They loved this because usually I'm telling them not to play with my tape. 
Putting tape on is serious work!
Once it was taped we added a heart, complete with a googly eye face. At first they didn't want to draw anything on their heart faces. 

But when we sat down for lunch, they changed their minds and added features.  Abby added eyelashes, a mouth and short blond/brownish hair - she says it looks like baby Lexie. I love her sweet little eyelashes! 
Micah did a fabulous job on his face too and added a mouth and hair - all by himself! 
Then the cute Valentine craft  became a telescope/eye glass. That's a boy for you! 

A simple, not too complicated but still cute Valentines craft that both my kids loved. 

i love you more than carrots



Unknown said...

Both my girls turn anything that rolls into a tube into a telescope/spyglass thing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, stopping by from the link up :)

I was just thinking about doing a valentine's day type craft!

This will be it. I have a long roll left over from our wrapping paper. I will have to cut that up since I just recycled all of our TP rolls haha!

Have a great day!

Here's a link to the canvas and hair clip holder I made!