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Monday, January 14, 2013

Make Cookies Monday: Dark Chocolate Chip

Today ended up being a much longer afternoon that I imagined. Originally 'the plan' was Micah and I were going to make cookies during Lexie's afternoon nap. However her morning nap was late and meant her afternoon nap was after Abby got home from school and right before we had to leave for a playmate with a friend from school for Abby. So our afternoon ended up being great - with a first playdate for Abby with friend from school, then the gym. (The gym I was regretting on the way home as the kids were tired and hungry and my legs were dying... but it was worth it) So to cheer everyone up from the overtired and hungry crankies we made cookies while I fixed dinner. 

If you cheat and soften the butter in the microwave they really don't take too long to make. Micah was my helper while Abby choose to have a little downtime and watch a show. 

We didn't choose a fancy new recipe this week. Just tried and true chocolate chip. This is also not just Make Cookies Monday - it's make cookies week as we make lots of types of cookies for Lexie's birthday party.
My sweet little helper adding in and stirring the chocolate chips in. 
 And the best part of making cookies... taking a lick of the beater. 
We let them cool while we got ready for bed then it was time for a sweet, pre-bedtime treat. 
MMMM.... yum 

Even Lexie got a piece of cookie (and she liked it a whole lot more than she did her cupcake on her birthday!) 

Sorry not the greatest pictures as I didn't want to get the real camera so I apologize for the less than steller iphone shots. It's the memories that count anyway. :) 

Happy Monday! 


Jennifer said...

Yummy! Your kids are super cute. It sounds like life just gets busier the older the kids get. Happy Cookie Making Week!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Love the post bath/pre-bed ,cookie snack!!