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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It's been a busy week around here. Most notably a certain sweet girl's first birthday and now prepping for her first birthday party this weekend. 
  • I already shared some pictures from the zoo but I think Micah just looks so handsome here. My little boy is growing up and looking less like my little toddler and more like a pre-schooler. I suppose it's time though since we'll be signing him up for pre-school next month. 
  • I successfully made it a year nursing my sweet 3rd babe. It just seems natural being that I made it this far with Abby and Micah as well but it's still something to be celebrated. I think the nurse was confused at Alexis's 12 month visit when she asked if she was 'off the bottle' and I said she never took one.  Nursing this long is not something they see often.... which to me is very sad. 

  • Just an ordinary Saturday morning around here... ha! The kids have such a great imagination. (That and boxes always make great toys!) They 'built' pirate ships and tied a gator to the back. They were sailing around the kitchen and having a blast. Maybe Santa should have just brought more boxes? 
  • Alexis went to town on her blackberries at dinner. Not so much into her pasta (as usual) or her peas (usually a favorite.) Blackberries however make for a very purple baby.
  • Alexis had her 12 month appointment on Tuesday morning. She is my little peanut, following in her bother's footsteps. She was 17 lbs 6 oz. Unfortunately 4 oz less than her 10 month weight... Busy, busy little girls who prefer their fruits, veggies and meats and don't much like 'filler' foods like pasta, grains, carbs... don't gain weight as fast. I'm happy she's a healthy eater and likes her fruits and veggies so it's a delicate balance to not discourage her love of these but to enough high calorie food to get her to gain weight. On a good note she's meeting all her milestones and her pedi knows us and Micah's case so no weight checks. 
  • However, sadly we did have to do blood work. It's never a good sign when the phlebotomist is worried he can't draw enough blood for all 6 tubes he needs for the various tests. Not fun at all - especially when we'd already been there 2 hours, no nap and everyone was hungry and ready for lunch. So we'll hope that it all comes back normal. 
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Traci said...

Poor baby! I absolutely HATE blood work. They can't ever find a "good" vein & when they do for some reason they can't get blood. UGH!

Perfectly Jenn said...

Poor Alexis! Your kids in boxes is absolutely adorable!
Thanks for linking up again girlie!

Where can I get one of those amber teething necklaces for my niece???