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Saturday, January 05, 2013


Our last day of Christmas break is tomorrow. It's been a good week, we've spent it playing together with our new toys, at the gym, planning a first birthday party and cleaning out. Last year not much spring cleaning got done. This year I'm determined to start 2013 with a cleaner, much less cluttered house and hopefully freshen up some rooms and pull them together better along the way. 

So here's a little of what we've been up to on instagram over the past two weeks.
  • I love playing with Abby's new McKenna doll with her. 
  • Micah in his adorable new hat. Seriously it's even cuter in real life - I couldn't capture the full cuteness on camera.

  • All three kids, lined up, sitting in their chairs. So precious! 
  • Lexie loves her chair! 

  • My parents so nicely gave us new (much needed - our old ones were looking pretty sad) pots and pans for Christmas. 
  • Lexie liked playing in the cabinet while I switched out the pots. 

  • I received this email with what baby's Lexie's age are up to. I could check off just about everything. Especially the sleep regression (and crabbiness from being sleepy,) reduced appetite and not talking. (Though with two older siblings to talk for her she isn't a talker - more interested in being busy than talking)
  • Pops is awesome and repainted my old rocking chair (after they already refinished my old high chair) for a certain little girl and her first birthday photoshoot.  



Traci said...

I didn't do much organizing last year either but as soon as I'm well I want this house in tip top shape! The kiddos are just too cute!

Perfectly Jenn said...

Your photos always make me smile! I love those chairs and can't wait to have some when I have kids.
That hat on Micah is pretty stinking cute!

Thanks for linking up and Happy new year!!