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Wednesday, January 09, 2013


 It's January 9th.... which means tomorrow is the 10th. That means tomorrow my baby will turn 1. This year seems like it flew by so quickly. Last year we were just waiting to meet Alexis and now she's almost walking. Like days away from not crawling anymore walking. I do enjoy that she waited a little longer than brother and sister did to walk so I got to enjoy her crawling slightly longer.  

And now to a little of what we've been up to this week on instagram. 
  • Sunday night was the season premiere of Gator Boys. One of the kids, but especially Abby's favorite show. As a special treat, I let Abby stay up and join me in my bed to watch it after Micah was asleep. (Lexie really wanted to watch too because she refused to go to sleep!) 
  • It was a quiet house Monday morning when Abby was off at school. Micah wanted to build with some blocks and didn't want Lexie to mess it up so she and I playing in the playroom while he built his farm in his room. 

  • I just love matching my girls when I can. Abby loves it too right now so I'm living it up while they enjoy it and I can find stuff in both their sizes that match. It's harder now that Abby is in 'big girl' sizes. 
  • Meredith over at The Tichenor Family blogged about Make Cookies Monday and I loved the idea and I'm all about creating memories. I had already planned on making cookies with the kids because we didn't get to it on Sunday and Micah really wanted to make the cookies from his How Do Dinosaurs Make Cookies book that he got for Christmas. So make cookies we did. They especially loved the making dino prints in the cookie part. 

  • New year means redo everything in the house right? I'm deep in spring cleaning (in January), get rid of all the extra stuff that we don't use, and redo/update everything. I saw an idea on pinterest that I loved and needed a letter for. A letter F to be exact. I love these metal letters and the turquoise color. Too bad Hobby Lobby didn't believe in stocking/selling the letter F (or Q, U, V, X or Z) How did F get lumped in with those? It was the same for several other alphabets around the store as well. 
  • Tuesday it was rainy and dreary. Ashley had texted to ask us Monday if we'd be up for a playdate at a local play place, which I immediately said yes to. I had read her text as we entered HEB and while we were shopping Micah started chatting to me about how 'tomorrow we needed to go on a pirate ship with Gigi and Pops and he'd be the captain' When I got home and looked up the play place and saw it had a pirate ship - I was shocked and thought how perfect. So Micah ended up getting his wish fulfilled and he went on his pirate ship like he said he would. 
So what have you been up to lately? 


1 comment :

Traci said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Alexis!