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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Alexis!

On Thursday, Lexie's birthday we planned to celebrate as a family that evening. We'll do a small party for her next weekend and I'll be busy baking for that all this week. So that morning Lexie, Micah and I headed out to get some cupcakes. Well being that we have to get Abby up and off to school, we were ready early so we headed out to the bakery. (I was thinking Lexie was ready for a nap and would sleep in the car anyway - but I was wrong about that.) We got to the bakery about 25 minutes too early for cupcakes. 

Well the zoo was right down the street so we headed there to kill some time. That's one of the benefits of a zoo membership. I'm just glad I had a stroller in the car! Micah loved this and since it was early, it was breakfast time for a lot of the animals and they were out and waiting for their breakfast. 

After an hour at the zoo, we head back and made the tough decisions of what flavor cupcakes to get. 

My sweet itty bitty Alexis. Hard to believe this was a year ago already. 
Lexie took a teeny nap on the way home and after lunch we played for a little while before her afternoon nap. I was delaying it so I could get a good picture of her at exactly 1:19 when she was born. 
And she cooperated. She's a ham 90% of the time when the camera comes out. I couldn't love this sweet girl more! (Same bow a year later too)

After the birthday princess woke up from her nap it was present time since Abby was home from school. She's figured out this whole present opening thing a little bit with all the practice from Christmas. (Sorry Daddy, I focused the camera on the baby and managed to cut off you head in 95% of these pictures... whoops!)
A little taste test to see if this one is a good one. 
 Abby and Micah were very excited about her presents as well.
 She watched Daddy showing her all her new presents.
 Daddy's got skills.

Then it was time for those delicious cupcakes. (And I do mean the best bakery in San Antonio)
 Lexie wasn't quite sure though. While she's loved the bite of the mini-carrot cake cupcake I gave her, she didn't know what to do with her very own and all the icing on her fingers. After that all she tried to do was sweep it off her tray. Not quite the traditional messy, covered in cake baby. 


Lisa @ A Little Slice of Life said...

She is so cute! It sounds like a fun low key birthday.

Melanie | Qué Means What said...

Too cute Katie!! Happy birthday to your little princess.

Melanie | Qué Means What said...

Too cute Katie!! Happy birthday to your little princess.

Alvina Castro said...

Happy Birthday to your little one!

Traci said...

Her 2 little teeth are so adorable!