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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santa Visits 2012

Last weekend was Breakfast with Santa at our gym. One of my favorite things our gym does. We get to see our friends (in non-gym clothes... for the most part), have breakfast (which is always comically not that healthy), and see Santa without having to wait in much of a line. 

This year, the lady next to us did point out and ask what would I do if the orange juice spilled all over Micah.... yea not quite sure what I'd do in that case. Next year I'll be prepared with a spare outfit because now I'm surprise it didn't happen. 
Just as it was our turn, the fire alarm got pulled some how (only the second time in 3.5 years of us belonging to the gym that this has happened) Besides the noise being distracting, the flashes to the photographer's camera didn't work while it was going off so the kids got extra time to chat with Santa. He saw their reindeers and asked if they had seen his. Which they hadn't in case you can't tell. I wasn't supposed to use my camera but since the fire alarm was going off I snuck a candid with my phone. 

And our official scanned copies of our Santa pictures for 2012. 
Bass Pro obviously I got the classic crying baby picture. She was just very wary of him the first time. 

Today we headed up to Bass Pro, got our pass about 15 minutes as they started handing them out and returned later to see Santa when it was our time slot. The kids love going to Bass Pro because of all the animals - especially the reindeer. We hadn't had a chance to head there so I braved the chaos I knew this weekend would be. Thankfully because of their bass pass system, you get a card with a time to return and the line is super short when it's your turn compared to the mall. I think we had to wait maybe 5 minutes. 

Lexie did not want anything to do with Santa this time. Neither did Micah when it came to picture taking. He did not want to look at the camera and did his nervous, finger in mouth whenever pictures are being taken habit. 
 After the picture.... all smiles to tell Santa what he wants. (Which is a fluffy ear dog like Abby has - if you were wondering. I guess I'll be hunting down Walgreens locations for another one if they have them anymore... even though he's had Abby's for the past two months as his) 
And Abby - she wants what all sweet, little 6 year old girls want - an alligator, a unicorn and some snakes. 
Both Santa's were so nice to the kids, neither rushed them through telling them what they wanted and were super friendly. 

 This year Bass Pro added a 'hunting/Southern' style carousel to their Winter Wonderland. Full of reindeer, a moose, bears and a polar bear. Seriously it gave my kids huge smiles. 
 "Good bear" says Abby. 

Santa Visits from previous years 2011/2010

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