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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Micah's Christmas List: ideas for a preschooler

Dear Santa, 

I've been a very sweet boy this year. I'd like you to know I've been nice to his sisters and have been working hard at using his listening ears and being helpful. I'd like to mention that if these toys happened to show up under the Christmas tree this year I'd be a very excited little boy. 

- Micah

1. Big Rig Building Set by Melissa & Doug - This combines both my boys love of trucks and cars with the added fun of being able to build on it.

2. LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: Letter Factory - Both kids received leap pads last year and Micah only has one game so I want to add to his game collection. With this one we can work on his letters through playing a fun game.

3. Melissa & Doug 60-Piece Standard Unit Blocks - Every boy needs blocks to build with! Both kids love their legos but I think these will encourage more creativity - plus they won't hurt quite as much to step on! They love their wooden blocks their Grandpa made them so I think both kids will get enjoyment out of this gift.

4. How Do Dinosaurs Eat Cookies? - Micah has a "How do Dinosaurs..." book already and it's one of his favorites. A perfect 'boy' book but yet enjoyable for all of us to read. Abby had her school book fair this week and I saw this Dinosaur book and though it would make the perfect "something to read" for Micah under the tree this year.

5. Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set - A dress up set all his own. He and Abby both love playing imaginary games with their super capes. Sometimes she even convinces him to dress up in her dress up costumes. So to add to our dress up collection he's getting a fire fighter set for Christmas. It will go perfectly with the fire truck we gave him last year!

6. Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway - Tidmouth Sheds - Micah loves his train table. Currently he's got several trains and a figure 8 track with a small bridge. He was in love with his friend train table that had so many different sets to it, that this year we are adding on to his table starting with the Tidmouth Sheds. I find it amusing as much as Micah likes playing trains, he really doesn't like the show it's based on. Maybe if we watched the old version my brother watched when we were little he'd like it more?


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