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Wednesday, December 05, 2012


  •  Last Friday we unsuccessfully tried to go to Sea World with friends. See I didn't think to look at the schedule because they are usually open on Fridays. Turned out... every Friday except that one. So we headed to the park instead. It was a good thing at the last minute I threw together some snacks... I had thought about just getting popcorn and drinks at Sea World. We would have been very out of luck with a boy that doesn't stop thinking about his next 'nack' if I hadn't thought to bring a full snack bag. Micah also got a hair cut last week. Doesn't he look handsome? Seriously he looks so much older with his hair cut than he did before. I still need to learn to 'style' it correctly ha! 
  • Babies and parks are a difficult mix... it was a constant trying to keep her from eating leaves and dirt. But a little doesn't hurt right? Ha! 

  • Sunday afternoon Micah, my boy who goes non-stop until he drops at bedtime, told me he was tired and wanted to sleep. He wasn't kidding. (This of course should have been my first indicator something maybe wasn't quite right)
  • Saturday morning we headed out to check out the Trader Joe's that finally opened a location in our city. I figured we had waited long enough (a month) that the crowds would have died down some. I was right but it was still fairly busy - a weekday would have likely been less crowded. So many fun and tasty things to look at. I could have browsed longer but that just didn't fly with all 3 littles along. 

  • Alexis is benefiting from being the little sis when it comes to Christmas outfits. She has two of her own and two that are hand me downs from Abby. They are a tad big because Abby was younger/older at Christmas. I can't squeeze Lexie into the smaller things but the ones from Abby's second Christmas are wearable. She looked darling today! 
  • At Bible class this morning, I made these interest inspired reindeer footprints with my 20-24 month class. They did great with the foot painting and they turned out so cute! 

  • Lexie's naps got thrown off yesterday so she wasn't ready for her second nap until after Abby was home from school (and the volume of the house goes up quite a bit) so needless to say Alexis's nap didn't last long before she was woken up by her older siblings. (It's also unseasonably warm down here so we pulled out a summer outfit to get an extra wear out of it because it's cute and we could)
  • Today was gymnastics day for Abby and she did fabulous. They had a competition on the bars to see who could hang the longest and she won. She also got pretty darn high up climbing the rope at the end of class. I'm impressed! 



Ellen Evans said...

I like this post idea. Aren't those Trader Joe's Salted Caramels to die for? Nom!

Perfectly Jenn said...

I seriously can't handle how cute your kids are!!
I need to make it to a Trader Joe's sometime.
I did gymnastics as a kid and loved the experience! Hope Abby does too!

Thanks for linking up!