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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holidays at Westin La Cantera

 Last Saturday we had the pleasure of being invited to a preview of the Westin La Cantera's  Hill Country Holidays.  When I read about all the things we'd get to do, I was giddy as my kids were. This year the holidays are magical to Abby and Micah wakes up asking if it's 'Christmas time yet?' every morning as they run off to find where our Elf (Elfie they named him) is hiding. This year, they are both a terrific ages to make some wonderful holiday memories and I'm loving how many wonderful holiday events there are nearby. 

We started our visit with a trip to Mrs. C's Cookie Factory. It was snack time and gingerbread cookies sounded like a tasty treat. Abby and Micah both got to work frosting their gingerbread men then adding sprinkles and chocolate chips. Both Abby and Micah were very serious about their decorations. 
The helpers in the cookie factory were wonderful as well and were quick to get anyone (including Micah) who needed one a crate to stand on to more easily decorate their cookies.  
Mmm... tasty. My only regret about this is I didn't taste a bite of either of their gingerbread men... or maybe I'm just trying to think of reasons we need to go back? 
Our next stop was the toy shop. The kids were able to pick out a toy to build and they each got an ornament to color as well. Both Abby and Micah picked out planes to make. We had to laugh that we didn't expect to have to be building things but the kids were so happy to have their planes they made. One of my fellow San Antonio bloggers, Lisa's daughter was very sweet to help Abby glue her plane together while I was helping Micah. 

If you want to do some more crafts, you can visit the North Pole located in the Westin's kids club. Abby was happy to make a necklace for her and one for Micah. Micah loved the train table they had in the room and Lexie found a nice pile of stuffed animals to crawl into. There were also coloring sheets, painting and some other smaller bead crafts. Lots of options! 
I honestly have no idea why she has a 4 in permanent marker on her hand. She couldn't explain it well...
Finally the part Abby was most excited about - ice skating. Well ice skating, Texas style. This isn't a real ice rink but a unique hybrid-ice. Micah was excited about it, until he got on the ice and then he wasn't so sure of it because it was slippery. Abby was excited to give it a try though and did pretty well.   

The grounds of the Westin La Cantera are beautiful and the holiday decorations everywhere are lovely!  This would be such a lovely place for a little stay-cation over the holidays if you want a getaway and plenty of activities to keep the littles happy and occupied. 
 To finish off our day at the Westin La Cantera we saw the Magik Theater's performance of The Pirate's Holiday: Buccaneers in Toyland. The show was quite comical. The kids had fun signing along with the Christmas songs and enjoyed the show. Kids were invited to sit up close in the front on the floor next to the stage so they could easily see all the action. 

Since we were at a preview and the full schedule of Hill Country Holidays didn't start until today we didn't get to experience the Legendary Holidays. This is a walking tour which finishes with a snowfall. 

So if you are looking for a wonderful family holiday experience, you don't have to look much further than the Westin La Cantera.  Many activities are free and everything is open to the public. The ones that aren't free are fairly inexpensive - like $5 for the Magik Theater show. 

Disclosure: We were invited to attend and participate in all the activities at no cost to us. All the opinions are, as always, our own. I was not required to blog about the event but we had a great time and I wanted to share. 


jessica said...

I want to take Violet to this so bad!! Sure she's just a baby but I think she (and I!) would love it ;)

Lisa Branam said...

We had so much fun there. By the way your kids outfits were too cute, especially the baby.

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