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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Clay Casa

Last month I posted about the awesome family coupon that Clay Casa has right now for your family to go over and all create keepsakes to bring home. We got to go check it out a few weeks ago and we picked up our finished project and I'm thrilled with how they came out.

Abby had free reign. We selected from some ornaments or a tile for our project. Abby wanted to paint the peace sign and she selected the colors she wanted and went to town.
 Micah picked out a Texas ornament and he wanted yellow. I knew that likely they'll all get muddled together with him painting so I tried to help him pick colors they wouldn't look muddy once mixed on his ornament. 
Lexie hung out having a snack in the stroller. Thank goodness! 
 Neither Abby nor Micah were happy to not bring them home immediately but the results of the glazing  process made these beautiful! 
 As I grew up, we would each get a new ornament each year that represented what we liked/were into that year. I always think I'm going to do that with the kids but we haven't always gotten around to it. We do however have quite a collection of ornaments they've made hanging on our tree and I'm thrilled to add these to that collection! This year we didn't go get a real tree because I was scared of busy Lexie getting the ornaments off, or even worse pulling the tree over on herself. So instead we have our 'skinny' tree up on the landing of the stairs between the two floors. I think eventually this will turn into my kids ornaments tree with all the ornaments they'll made. 

Amanda over at Petit Lapin posted the darling, oh so precious, little footprint tree she did with her little one. And some beautiful pictures of the Clay Casa studio. I would have taken more pictures but wrangling three littles, in a place full of paint and breakables didn't leave room for that. I do regret not attempting to do a tile for Lexie but I just didn't think I had enough hands to manage that by myself and keep Micah from running off! I'm going to have to go back and do something with Lexie to make up for it though! 

1 comment :

arg said...

They turned out great! And so full of their little personalities! I love the idea of having a tree just for the ornaments they've made.