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Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Round 2

Gigi and Pops (my parents) came into town, along with my brother, Uncle Jeremy (and his dog Zeus) late Friday evening. The kids were already in bed when they got here (which worked out so they were too wound up and unable to go to sleep, thus cranky the next day.) We unloaded Pop's truck and the tree was once again surrounded by presents. The kids woke up to see a tree that when they went to bed only had two present still under it too one that had lots. They were quite surprised and excited. 

We repeated the Christmas brunch of the Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls, bacon and fruit. Then it was present time. Lexie was starting to get the hang of the present opening thing but still needed a little help. 
She got a bouncy tigger. She was pretty amused by this in the store when we had looked at it. It didn't get her giggling like it had before today but she hasn't quite been as smiley this week as normal. 
The theme of today was alligator no doubt about that. Gigi and Pops brought some squeaky alligators, then Abby received this classic alligator dentist game from my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. 
 And we finished off the presents with soft cuddly gators all around. A small one for Lexie, medium for Micah and.... 
 A giant gator for Abby! 
A room full of happy kids, enjoying time with family and a floor covered in wrapping paper. I'd say it was a good morning. 
I can now join the 'cool kids' at the gym. Well at least the kickboxing groupies that the new instructor brought over from her old gym with my new kickboxing gloves as they all wear them. And my parents gave me cycling shoes which I'm super excited to try out this week! I joked I should be offended for getting workout gear.... except I wanted it. 

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