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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas morning

It's been a very magical Christmas at our house this year. The kids really are the perfect ages to enjoy it and I'm loving seeing all the joy and excitement on their faces. We've been able to spend lots of relaxed family time with very little go-go-go. 

We spent Christmas Eve morning decorating cookies then that afternoon we spent up at Church while I worked in the nursery for the 3 services we offered childcare for. I joked that I sugared them up and then took them to Bible class to run off the sugar high. Ha! No but really I love working the Christmas Eve because I get to fellowship with my friends that I work with and have a little potluck meal and the excitement is all in the air for everyone. As soon as we left the kids were tired and asking if they could just go to sleep right when we got home... so that Santa would come sooner! 

They were right because as soon as they were dreaming of sugar plums all tucked in their beds, Santa got to work pulling presents out of closets, wrapping and setting them up. Then cleaning up the mess made from wrapping them all! 
Micah's pile: Thomas train shed, Thomas lighthouse, barge and drawbridge set, How do Dinosaurs make cookies book, Leapfrog game for his leappad, fire fighter dress up set and a big ride building set 

Abby's pile: McKenna American Girl doll, McKenna's dog, McKenna's accessories, fashion drawing set, new charm for her bracelet, glitter Bobs, Aristocats movie 

Alexis's pile: Anywhere chair, Bitty baby, Little People Princesses, You are My Sunshine book 

The kids slept in a little bit until about 8 am (they are usually up closer to 7) after the exhausting day at Church. When they woke up, I woke up Daddy and we headed downstairs. They were so excited to see their presents! 
They each took a minute to take in their piles, then wanted to rip into all the wrapped presents. 
 I love the look of joy in her face to see the puppy charm she wanted had been added to her bracelet. 
 They were so helpful to each other as we took turns opening so that we could see their reactions to all their presents. They also wanted to see what each other had gotten. 
 Miss Lexie slept in even longer (maybe because she was up between 5-6am?) and woke up soon after Abby and Micah were done opening their presents. So everyone was ready to watch and help her open her presents on her first Christmas. Lexie's first thing was to climb right into her chair. She knew right away it was for her and was so happy about it. 
Little People Princesses sure made her happy. 
 She couldn't even put them down to open another one and had to use her 'third hand.'
 Abby and Micah were both very willing to help unwrap and show Lexie all her gifts. 
After everything was opened, we enjoyed a delicious brunch of cinnamon rolls, fruit and bacon and spent the day in our pajamas playing with their toys. We ended the day with a car ride to look at lights one more time. It was just about a perfect day! 


Kim said...

I'm glad you and your family had a great Christmas! The happy faces on Christmas morning are the best!

Heather said...

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