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Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

A little Christmas card preview because I'm a little a lot behind in getting these out. As in I mailed them out Wednesday. So they should be arriving in mailboxes today or the next couple days.

Before our Bibleland Christmas party I had some time to kill and the kids were all decked out in their Christmas wear for the first time so I took them out for a little mini-session. This went so well. Ha! They were in great moods. I got a beautiful shot of Lexie. Then she was done. Micah was a ham and Abby was trying to be helpful but she's in a stage where it's either no smile or a cheesy smile. Gotta love real memories right?

I knew I wanted a family shot but procrastinated (who me? ha!) in figuring out all the little the details about who/when/where. I asked my sweet friend Ashley, who started a photography business last year if she'd take our family picture and she was generous enough to agree to it.  It was tricky but I think we got a winner. I'll always be critical of how I look, or that I want to reach in and pull Micah's jeans down and fix my necklace but when I look back on it I'm going to love having these memories and family pictures.

It's not the perfect family photo that we see pinned on Pinterest (or in my facebook feed from all the photographers I follow) but it's my sweet family and I love that it captures their personalities. Cheesy Micah, busy Lexie, sweet, silly Abby and all.

Here is our card from 2010. I thought I had 2011, 2009 and 2008 posted but apparently I didn't. I'll try to scan those in and post them later. 

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