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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas at Sea World

A couple weekends ago we headed out to Sea World to check out all the Christmas magic and the Christmas shows. The kids were so excited to get going and see everything and were not at all interested in a picture. (Though this is a theme and part of the reason my Christmas cards only got mailed today!) Plus if the stroller is stopped Miss Lexie wants very little to do with it... unless she's climbing on it instead of sitting in it. 
Our first stop was the seals and sea lions. We watched the for a while spotting the babies playing under the waterfall and the giant sea lion Bogart that is twice as big as the rest. The kids always ask where he is if they don't see him. It's easy to know he's still there because he's very very loud! Then headed to watch my favorite show, the Clyde and Seamore show. 
Next stop was the Sea World Express. The kids were so excited they got tickets and then they came around and punched them. This was new this year.  It was a little train we got to ride on. Worth the wait for the smiles it gave Micah! 
It was starting to get dark so hard to get a good picture on a moving train but we rode the train through all the Texas/San Antonio themed snowmen. 
We ended the night with A Dolphin Christmas. I would have loved to stay and see Shamu but it was already past bedtime for the littles and they were ready to head home. The beluga and dolphin show was set to the Nutcracker music and very lovely to watch. 
We only saw about a third of the things there were to see. So I promise the kids we'd go back again this year since we didn't go to the penguins like Abby wanted after waiting to ride the train. Christmas at Sea World really is a magical place. That's why I love our season passes/fun cards so that we can do what we want and not feel like we have to see it all in one day. (Oh and living so close so that's it's an option!)  

1 comment :

Traci said...

What a fun day! The Penguins are always my favorite too!