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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Arte Kids

Last Thursday, I was invited to attend a book launch party for the newest books in the bilingual Arte Kids series. This is a partnership between the San Antonio Museum of Art, The San Antonio Library Foundation and Trinity University Press. Before the invitation, I hadn't heard of this series that started with 1, 2, 3 Si! These books all use art work from the San Antonio Museum of Arts collection to show the numbers, shapes and colors.  
When we arrived at the museum, there were art projects set up and waiting for us. Micah got right to work making this project with a series of squares (or cuadrados.) 
Lexie was happy to give the new books her approval while Micah got his craft on. They are full of bright colorful pictures and questions on each page to engage your child.  Lexie thought they might be tasty as well. 
Micah was most excited about the cookies. He's my snack monster.... I'm fearful for what will happen when he's a teenager! I don't blame him the cookies were very pretty and tasty. They were from Lily's Cookies
This was a fun craft. We made a sun, inspired by the painted clay sun from Metepec, Mexico. Micah picked the colors he wanted from the cloud dough and for what, then I tore the pieces for him to place where he wanted. I think it turned out really cute! 
Our final craft of the morning was based on the Brujo de Malasia painting by Sergio Hernandez. I was impressed with Micah for this one because he tried and did a great job tracing some shapes and did the eyes all on his own. He's generally pretty quick with crafts - would much rather glue, cut, paste than color and so most coloring is quick scribbles and less thought out shapes. I loved that he was engaged and wanted to trace and make faces and not draw something quickly to move onto the painting part. 
We were treated to a reading of the books in the gallery and were able to see some of the masks and sculptures that were used in the books. Micah really liked the masks. 
To finish our day at the museum we took a stroller tour and saw a few of the pieces that inspired the art projects we had done. This is by Frank Stella. 

Starting in January, the San Antonio Museum of Art is planning lots of fun family events. There will be  First Sunday family afternoons from 1-5pm, the one on June 2 particularly caught my eye because it's a scavenger hunt for animals through the museum. Scavenger hunt + animals sounds like it's right up my kids alley. Then for those of us with younger ones (the 2-4 crowd) there are new play dates every Wednesday morning from 10-11 am. There will be all kinds of themes for these from colors, shapes, crafts, animals, friends and more. There is even one on February 27th about "Does Curious George Live Here?" I think that sounds perfect for Micah! 

Disclosure: I received admission to the museum and book launch as well as a copy of the set of books but all opinions are my own. 


Unknown said...

Good to know about the First Sunday events; that sounds like fun.

Great pictures!

Neven said...

Your kids are so adorable!Your post inspired me to take my son to the museum.