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Monday, December 10, 2012

Alexis: 11 months

Last monthly update before Alexis turns one. :insert mommy tear here: My baby is growing up and isn't  a 'baby' anymore for much longer. :more mommy tears:
No doctor appoint this month so I'm not sure how much she weighs but I don't think she's gained too much but I'm pretty sure she's gotten taller. She's loosing her (already mostly gone) rolls, looking a little leaner and more 'toddler' like and the stride of some of her outfits is getting tighter. 

She's still my busy bee. She graduating to pushing, climbing in and standing in the little chairs that go to the kids table. Talk about a shocker the first time I saw her do that. Now I really have to pay close attention or put the chairs up if she is playing in the kitchen while I'm cooking (not that I didn't before but now she's quick to climb into a chair!) 

She's my only baby that has liked the swing this long. She still takes naps in it - which mean she usually gets a two good naps a day. 

Yogurt melts have quickly become her favorite food to eat but generally she'll try a bite or two of anything. I think she's tired of broccoli though - it was one of the first finger foods she had and now she isn't too interested in eating it when I serve it (bummer because the other kids love it!) She has days she can out eat Abby or Micah - especially if she didn't snack to keep her occupied while I was cooking dinner. 

Alexis still hasn't tried to take more than a step or two at a time but is confident walking behind her walker, cruising along the furniture and standing alone. She can also stand up from sitting without pulling up and stoop down, pick something up and stand up again. I fully expect her to start walking soon. 

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