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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Abby's Christmas List: Ideas for a first grader

Dear Santa,

I've tried to be a very good girl this year. I'm a great big sister and helpful to my mom. I am trying and doing well in school. I do my homework every day and love to read to my brother. I would love to see these things under the tree this year.

- Abby

1. McKenna American Girl doll - I grew up loving these dolls and magically the catalogue started arriving in our mailbox. I passed along one of my dolls to Abby on her birthday and now she is loving McKenna because she does gymnastics like Abby does. (Plus she has a dog) So under the tree this year for Abby's big gift she'll find McKenna and then get some of her accessories from Gigi and Pops. I love that these dolls last and are something she can enjoy for years to come hopefully. I know I enjoyed mine. McKenna is the doll of the year so my mom picked her and her accessories up at the store a while back. She's now sold out already. There are lots of other great American Girl dolls to pick from though.

2. Swampy Flopsie - Okay so maybe your 6 year old daughter doesn't love alligators the way mine does but something soft and cuddly is always a winner for most girls. Mine requested a soft alligator so that's what she's getting.

3. The Aristocats - I love to add to our Disney movie collection for the kids on family movie nights. I think Abby will love this one because it's all about cats!

4. Playful Puppy Charm - She received a charm bracelet for her 6th birthday and to add on she's wants this puppy charm like I have on my charm bracelet and because she is my animal lover and especially loves dogs.

5. Jump Rope - Does this need much explanation? We don't have one and I know she knows how to jump rope because she's mentioned they jump rope in p.e. She jump ropes at home with her hula hoop and I just never have gotten her a real jump rope. (Possibly because I can see it being used to tie bikes/trikes and the like together in the future and pulling each other resulting in injuries outside?)

6.  Melissa & Doug Fashion Design Activity Kit - Abby loves to draw and do art projects. I remember this type of toy from when I was growing up and I think this will be really fun for her. A nice quiet activity for her to enjoy.


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