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Monday, November 05, 2012

Thanksgiving crafts: Pinterest inspired

This past week got away from me but I'm getting excited about Thanksgiving and having our family come into town to celebrate with us and I wanted to share a couple of the crafts we did last year for Thanksgiving. 

Since I waited until after Halloween to try and find the cute little leaf cookie cutters it took me 3 stores to find what I needed since Michael's decided to skip Thanksgiving and move right into Christmas and had no fall things to speak even on the day of Halloween. Hobby Lobby thankfully had the little leaf cookie cutters I needed (that I didn't already have in my massive collection) 

Abby and I had previously done a craft using sculpey oven bake clay and I had plenty left over from our Valentine's thumbprint magnets. After I picked Abby up from school, she and I set about cutting out and baking the leaves. Micah was still napping (and probably had I known he'd sleep for another hour I probably would have put this off and taken a nap myself - usually he wakes up only about 20 minutes after I pick up Abby, but it was good to have some time to craft one on one with my sweet girly!) 
After we rolled them out, Abby helped me cut them out with the cookie cutters. Then I took a bamboo skewer and drew veins and poked holes into the clay. Then into the oven for about 20 minutes they went.
After they were cooled and it had gotten too dark to play outside for the evening, we started painting our little leaves (and turkeys and a lone acorn.) Micah loved the acorn so that's the one he painted. I wanted a paint that would leave a little nicer finish to these than washable Crayola paint so Micah helped paint one and then he went off to help Daddy cook dinner while Abby and I painted the rest since it wasn't toddler friendly paint. While I'm not a huge fan of Martha in general, I do love her craft line and her paints were awesome for this project!

Abby was in love with the final product and admired them while they dried!
All finished and dry.
Here are all the ones Abby painted. She did a very impressive job. I love her little turkeys with their pretty multi-colored bodies.
And sweet Micah's acorn. Which I also love!
Like in the blog post where the idea came from (link if you click the inspiration picture) I'm going to use these as napkin rings. I also used one as a little gift tag trinket on a small gift I had for her teacher for Thanksgiving - a candle. 

Source for my inspiration came from this pin here: 

Another simple, pinterest inspired Thanksgiving craft we did last year and I'm about ready to pull out and set up again is our Thankful tree.

This was super easy. I picked some branches from our trees in the yard, took the leaves off and put them in a vase on the table. Then I cut some leaves out using my silhouette and tied them on the tree with twine. Each night at dinner we'd talk about what we were thankful for and fill out a leaf. 

Inspiration from here: 

And I finally found a table cloth last year that will work on my square 60x60 table. Last year I had no luck finding only 70 inch circles (not quite big enough to cover all the corners) or 60x84/102/ect) I finally found a 70x84 which while it isn't perfect it will work for my Thanksgiving project of a handprint turkey table cloth.  We started last year with two little handprints using these same paints and now I get to add three more little handprints this year. I just love the idea of seeing their hands grow every year! 


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